Hummingbird convertiplane with jet driven rotor

Hummingbird convertiplane with jet driven rotors.



The tiltrotor Hummingbird in contrast to other convertiplane has an innovative jet drive of the rotor in conjunction with the author of the swashplate of the blades, thus avoiding structural errors in existing models of the convertiplane, the high cost and extreme complexity which does not allow to mass produce them.

The technology is awaiting funding!







The tiltrotor hummingbirds are unlike other jet convertiplane has the rotor drive. In the development of the tiltrotor used domestic production components and assemblies, time-tested. The fuselage is made of composite materials. Bearing frame – made of aircraft grades of steel.

The design uses an innovative jet drive of the rotor in conjunction with the author of the swashplate of the blades, thus avoiding structural errors in existing models of the convertiplane, such as the Bell V-22 “Osprey” – the high cost and extreme complexity which does not allow to mass produce it.

Complexity in the design of tiltrotor Bell V-22 “Osprey”:
drivetrain and powerplant. The traditional powerplant, which synchronizes the rotation of the rotor shafts, gearboxes, angular transfer much weight and complicate the design. All this adversely affects the useful load of the aircraft,
hydraulic control. Duplicate three times,
electric system and provide avionics electricity is Duplicated three times.

Complex hydraulics, electrics and electronics makes this aircraft is the tiltrotor Bell V-22 “Osprey” extremely expensive and difficult to manage and for everyday use.

The Hummingbird convertiplane with jet driven rotor no traditional power plant, transmission, and various gear as Bell V-22 “Osprey” or AW-609.

Fly, converted and operated in flight, the tiltrotor hummingbirds at the expense of jet propulsion and change of the thrust vector of the rotor through a swashplate that changes the total and cyclic pitch of the blades.

The rotor or the screw of the tilt-rotor osprey, a Hummingbird rotates due to the jet engine on the end of the blade.

The tiltrotor Hummingbird is unique in the world and operates on liquefied hydrocarbon gas (propane-butane) and not the adopted standard for jet fuel that significantly reduces the cost of operation. For example, RT (GOST 10227-86) is from 50 rubles per liter, and a liter of liquefied hydrocarbon gas – 14 rubles. Economic indicators in the operation of convertiplane Hummingbird 7 times cheaper than helicopter. Fuel consumption 5 liters of gas per 100 km flight. Standard equipment allows you to have a range of up to 3500 km. On customer request the range can be increased by several thousand kilometers.

The lifetime of this convertiplane is equal to the service life of all components and assemblies, which is 20 years. The only “expendable” in this design is the bearings used in the bearing system, designed for 40,000 hours. Replacement of such a bearing can be made by one qualified staff member for 5 hours.

The tiltrotor Hummingbird available in 2 versions: 4 and 8 local modifications.



– simplicity of design,

reliability of technical equipment. Domestic used serial components and assemblies, time-tested,

security. Simplicity of design and the use of time proven serial components and assemblies makes hummingbirds one of the most reliable aircraft. The heliplane set four automated defense during the emergency landing. The first three options give the pilot the possibility in a particular mode to put the device alone, or the self-protection system automatically produces a special emergency parachute

– the service life of the tiltrotor Hummingbird 20 years

cost-effectiveness. Uglevodorodnogo working on liquefied gas propane-butane. 7 times more economical than a conventional helicopter,

– easy to manage

high speed up to 800 km/h,

– high speed climb to 90 m/s dynamics,

takes off and lands from any unprepared site the size of 3×5 meters, swampy and overgrown with bushes with a height up to 2.5 meters water surface with waves up to 3 points

– possibility of operation in the far North without any additional means and systems of antiicing,

low price compared to similar aircraft. One of the best selling helicopter in its class Robinson R-44 costs from 30 000 000 rubles. The minimum price of a 4-seater version of the tiltrotor Hummingbird is 15 000 000, 8-seater variant – 20 000 000 rubles

– comfort. Low vibrodiagnostic and a minor in aviation standards, the level of noise allow very comfortable to fly any distance.



Features: Value:
Length, m 6,5
Width, m 5,5
Height, m 3,25
Scale, m 10,6
Crew / passengers, pers. 1 + 3 (1 + 7)
Empty weight, kg not more than 200
Useful load, kg 550 (to 900)
Full takeoff weight, kg 800 (1 200)
Maximum speed, km/h to 800
Cruising speed, km/h 570
The rate of climb, m/sec 30
Flight range, km 3500
The flight duration, hour 6,5
Working height, m up to 7 000
Maximum height, m 8 000
Maximum power powerplant, HP. 174
Fuel propane/butane – mixture
Fuel consumption, l/h 30
Fuel consumption per 100 km, l 5
Overhaul interval, hours 40 000


Note: the description of technology in example of tilt-rotor osprey hummingbirds.


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