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High-speed marine passenger ship.



Fast passenger vessel of A145 project with a capacity of 150 persons designed for the transport of passengers on domestic and international sea lines.






Fast passenger vessel of A145 project with a capacity of 150 persons, is designed to transport passengers on sea domestic and international lines. Navigation area — coastal zone of the seas. Seaworthiness of the vessel provide the safe movement in sea state 4 points.

The ship project And 145 is a high-speed passenger vessel a planing type.

The ship can be operated according to its designation in the daytime, when the outdoor air temperature from -10 0C to +34 0C with relative humidity of air up to 70% by pure water in the ice free navigation season.



Features: Value:
The class of vessel BV: I HULL MACH, HSC CAT A AUT — UMS
Length 34,6 m
Width 6.8 m
Sediment 0.91 m
Displacement 80 t
Speed 40 knots
Cruising range 250 miles
Autonomy 1 day
Passenger capacity 150 people
The crew 6 people
Main power installation engines MTU 16V2000M72, 2 x 1440 kW
Propulsion complex: 2 water-jet propulsion VD 525М
Housing material: aluminiummagnesium corrosion resistant alloy of AMG 1561 brand.


Note: the description of technology in example of a passenger vessel of A145 project.


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