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Henry – unit of inductance in the International system of units (SI). Has the Russian designation – GBV and international designation – H.


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Henry as unit of measure:

Henry – unit of inductance in the International system of units (SI), named after the American scientist Joseph Henry.

Henry as the unit of measurement is the Russian designation – GBV and international designation – H.

The circuit has an inductance of one Henry if a change of the electric current at the rate of one ampere per second creates electromotive intensity of induction, equal to one volt.

1 Henry is equal to the inductance of the electric circuit, the excitation magnetic flux of 1 Weber, when the DC current in it is 1 ampere.

H = V · s / A = (kg · m2) / (S2 · A2) = WB / A.

1 h = 1 V · 1 1 A = (1 kg · 1 m2) / (1 C2 · A2 1) = 1 WB / 1 A.

In the International system of units Henry introduced by decision of the XI General conference on weights and measures in 1960, simultaneously with the adoption of the SI as a whole. In accordance with the rules SI, and relating the derived units are named for scientists, the name of the unit “Henry” is written with a lowercase letter and its name — from the title (GN). Such writing of the designation is stored in the symbols for derived units formed by using Henry.


The application of Henry:

Henry measured the inductance and mutual inductance of the conductor.


View Henry in other units – of the formula:

Through the basic and derived SI units Henry says:

H = (kg · m2) / (S2 · A2)

H = V · s / A

H = m2 · kg / Кл2

GN = J / A2

H = Ω · s

H = WB / A

where A is amperes, In volts, WB – Weber, j – Joule, KL – pendant, m – meter, Ohm – Ohm s – second W – watt, kg – kilogram.


Multiple and fractional units Henry:

Multiple and sub-multiple units are formed using standard prefixes of the SI.

Multiple Dolny
value name marking value name marking
101 GN decahedra Dan daH 10-1 GN dechene DGN dH
102 GN gectigini GGN hH 10-2 GN antigene sgn cH
103 GN kilohenry REAG kH 10-3 GN – MH mH mH
106 GN megagene MH MH 10-6 GN microgenre mH µH
109 GN hygiene GGN GH 10-9 GN nanohenry NH nH
1012 GN teragency TGN TH 10-12 GN ecogene PGN pH
1015 GN petagine PGN PH 10-15 GN femtoline fgn fH
1018 GN exogeni Ehn EH 10-18 GN attagene AGN aH
1021 GN setgenre Zgn ZH 10-21 GN septocaine zgn zH
1024 GN ottieni IGN YH 10-24 GN octogene IGN yH


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