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Heavy-duty carbon fiber, stronger than steel.



Heavy-duty carbon fiber differs from the traditionally used carbon fiber reinforced plastics unique properties – it is stronger than the strongest steel at 8 times.



Benefits and properties




CFRP (or carbon, carbonplastic, from the English. carbon — carbon) is a polymeric composite material of interwoven strands of carbon fibersarranged in a matrix of polymeric resins.

Designed heavy-duty carbon fiber, which is different from the traditionally used carbon fiber reinforced plastics unique properties. It uses a special – cantarino binder.


Benefits and properties:

– high strength. Specific strength of this material, the same weight, 8 times more than the strongest steel,

stiffness. Plate size 10 1 mm can withstand tensile 2.5 tons,

– low weight,

low water absorption. Developed unique material has a 30 times lower water absorption than currently used composite materials based on epoxy resins,

– high temperature resistance,

high esmeraldabrody,

– high fracture toughness. 100 times better than traditional composite materials.




space industry,


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railway industry

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