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Heated glass for vehicles and architectural forms.



Heated glass for vehicles and glass buildings. Technology allows the manufacture of complex shape, has no optical distortion, has a simple fabrication. Heated glass has high strength. For controlled heating prevents icing and fogging in all weather conditions.





Heated organic glass for aircraft

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Heated glass is made using new patented technology. It has a highly conductive coating, and improved optical performance that allows you to produce large-size electrically heated glass complicated shape.

Today, almost every vehicle equipped with electrically heated glass. Technology of production of such glazing is a complex stepwise process involving shaping (acquisition of glass of a given form occurring in a special snap-in under high temperature), creating a zone of heating by aerosol spraying a conductive layer on one of the blanks and gluing the laminated glass. Because the traditional way is coating on an already bent glass, the most time consuming and difficult it is that part of the work in which it is required to calculate and provide such a curvature of the workpieces, so that after gluing , the finished product had optical distortion.

New patented technology is that the application of a conductive coating occurs before the glass will acquire a complex shape in the process of bending. Frame with pre-processed flat glass is placed in the aerosol chamber, where the application of a conductive coating. Then the workpiece and uncoated glass are placed on a common attachment and send in the oven bending. Two glasses (or more) take shape simultaneously, which solves the problem of optical distortion in the finished product.



glass block thickness from 11 to 52 mm,

operating temperature from -60 °C to +200 °C,

light transmission of 75 to 94 %,

service life up to 30 years.



– technology allows to produce complex shapes

has no optical distortion, has excellent optical properties,

– ease of fabrication,

uniform heating of the surface,

– glass has high strength, tested for pricescontact,

for controlled heating prevents icing and fogging in all weather conditions,

– possible application of multifunctional coatings that provide protection from the effects of electromagnetic and ultraviolet radiation, heat flux, solar radiation,

shock and impact-resistant.


Heated organic glass for aircraft:

Created by a unique technology of organic pricestake glass – laminated glass weighs 2.5 times less than the silica counterpart, thus meets all the requirements of optical products for the aviation industry.


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