Hardware-software complex for drying of wood

Hardware-software complex for drying of wood and timber.







Hardware-software complex for drying of wood and lumber is an automated management system designed for efficient drying of wood and timber in the drying chambers of periodic action. Hardware-software complex for drying of wood continuously monitors the parameters of the drying agent, the moisture content of lumber drying chambers and supports the optimal mode of drying by controlling the flow of coolant, prodoljeniem, humidification, fan circulation of drying agent.

Part of a hardware-software complex includes: temperature sensors and humidity of the drying agent, humidity sensors wood and lumber, electric valves and coolant valves of prodleniya, humidifying system, the units of information transfer, computer.

The operation of the control system is as follows. The computer continuously receives information from sensors about the current state of the drying agent and lumber in the drying chamber, and controls the mode of drying depending on the moisture content of the lumber.

Control dryer is to set the initial parameters of the drying process: type of wood, thickness of material (20 – 75 mm), the required final humidity of the material (7 – 30 %), drying (soft, normal, special), the batch number of the material. Further, the drying process is performed in automatic mode. If necessary, the operator can reconfigure the mode and during the drying process. The drying parameters are displayed on the monitor in numerical and graphical form, stored in computer memory and can be printed as a passport of the drying process this batch of material.

All sensors perform direct conversion of measured values into electric signals and require no additional maintenance.



Hardware-software complex for drying of wood has advantages:

– allows remote monitoring of the drying agent and lumber without entry into the chamber,

allows to perform in automatic mode, preheating, drying and stress relieving lumber

– by maintaining optimum drying conditions at all stages, we obtain high-quality products at high drying rate,

saving energy and reducing drying time up to 30%,

– reduction of losses up to 20%.