Hardening plastic, plastic and polyethylene

Hardening plastic, plastic and polyethylene.



Hardening plastic, plastic and polyethylene using a special reinforcing additives based on carbon nanotubes allows to improve the physico-mechanical characteristics of finished products up to 30 %.



Benefits and properties of additives BK-108



With the advent of carbon nanotubes has a special hardening additive for hardening characteristics.

The reinforcing additive of BC-108 is a concentrate of carbon nanotubes in the matrix of low density polyethylene adapted for use with standard large-tonnage polymerssuch as polyethylene and polypropylene. The Supplement is made in the form of granules which are introduced into polymers by standard methods.

The most effective in products, tensile and tear: stretch film, shrink film, standard film for serial packs, ropes, geotextile and nonwoven fabric.

For use in products and impart improved properties enter 1% of this additive by weight of the product.


Benefits and properties of additives BK-108:

– increases physical-mechanical properties of products up to 30 %,

reduces the intensity of production 10% by reducing the film thickness without loss of strength properties of the product,

– reduces the cost of

easy to use.


Note: the description of technology by the example of hardening additive BK-108.

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