Greening of the desert

Greening of the desert.



Scientists have created the technology of greening the desert, which turns sandy soil into fertile soil. 7 hours after treatment the sandy soil becomes fit for growing crops.


Greening of the desert



Greening the desert:

Scientists have created the technology of greening the desertwhich turns in the sandy land to fertile soil.

It uses a special liquid nanomesh consisting of nanoparticles of clay and water. When applying liquid nanospace in the sand the last turns into a sponge, capable of retaining moisture and nutrients.

Nanomesh liquid is sprayed in a dry sandy land by irrigation or by injection into the depths. It penetrates and saturates the sandy land, enveloping every grain of sand, and forming on the surface of the sandy soil aquifer layer with a depth of 40-60 cm, which is like a sponge and keeps incoming water (either by natural precipitationor artificial irrigation). This aquifer feeds the root system of plants, maintaining the moisture content of the soil at the required level and keeping nutritious for plants substances entering the soil (e.g. fertilizers).

Usually takes 7 – 15 years to make sandy soil suitable for growing crops. If sprayed in the sand special nanomesh, sandy soil becomes suitable for cultivation in 7 hours and maintains its ability to retain moisture within 5 years.


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