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Glyoxal has a wide range of applications, which has more than 2,500 areas and increases annually: in hundreds of fields of chemistry, medicine, pharmaceutics, petroleum industry, defense industry, construction, textile industry, agriculture and other industries.







Glyoxal – С2Н2О2 – refers to dialdegida, substances containing two aldehyde groups. Properties of glyoxal close to the properties of formaldehyde, however, unlike formaldehyde, glyoxal is not volatile, not toxic and not carcinogenic.

There are several commercial forms of glyoxal: a solution (20, 30 and 40 %) and the solid form is crystalline glyoxal, obtained by cleaning and drying of the solution of glyoxal. Crystalline glyoxal is mainly composed of glyoxal trimer dihydrate.

Obtaining glyoxal in two industrial ways. For the first time, its industrial production was developed in 1925 in Germany, where glyoxal was prepared by oxidation of acetaldehyde with nitric acid. In the 70-80-ies of the widespread process of production of glyoxal by vapor-phase oxidation of ethylene glycol.

Low toxicity and high reactivity of glyoxal provides its application in most industries: in hundreds of fields of chemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, the oil and gas industry, defense industry, construction, textile industry, agriculture and other industries. The range of application of glyoxal has more than 2,500 areas and increases annually.



– wide range of applications. More than 2,500 destinations

non-toxic. It is necessary to observe security measures

not carcinogenic.



raw materials in fine organic synthesis (polyketone, Pixim, chinoxalin, glycoluril, dioxane, the oxirane),

raw material in the production of blasting agents and rocket propellants for the defense industry,

basic component in the synthesis of important pharmaceutical substances (imidazole, tinidazole, metronidazole, dimetridazole,etc.)

high biocidal activity of glyoxal in relation to the broad class of bacteria and fungi allow it to be used as a component in disinfectants,

component mortar for strengthening soil, hydraulic fracturing,

the main component of preparations for cleaning of gases and oils from sulfur-containing compounds,

modifier polymers, adhesives, films, fillers for rubber products, additives to plastics due to the high crosslinking ability of the product

effective modifier for reducing the emission of formaldehyde from phenol-formaldehyde resins, which allows to obtain a particle Board class E0,

in the production of high-grade types of paper and cardboard

included in dubielzig compositions for high quality garment leather. The application of glyoxal allows to eliminate the stage of chrome doublepane,

to make the fabrics wrinkle resistance, wear resistance and waterproof properties.