Geotubes is filters, made in the form of a cylindrical bulk bags made of high-strength geotextile that is resistant to chemical acids and alkalis, biological attack, UV radiation and having a high filtration coefficient.

Different stitched and seamless geotubes. Geotubes stitched sewn from fabric canvases. Seamless geotubes similar in appearance to a long seamless sleeves.

Geotubes are used to purify water from sediments, purification of industrial and domestic effluent and other liquid substancesfor dehydration of various materials and their storage and subsequent disposal, and for beregoukreplenie and construction of hydraulic structures.

The principle of operation geotube is as follows. Inside it pumps pumped the slurry, pulp, sludge, sediment, etc. from rivers, reservoirs or other water body. The water under its own weight seeps through the pores geotube and the clean coming out, coming back into the pond. Dehydrated sludge, silt, etc. is inside geotube and subsequently disposed of.

Geotubes can also be filled with various granular materials and used for Bank protection and the construction of hydraulic structures.

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