Gallium-nitride transistor (GaN transistor): microwave, buy domestic

Gallium-nitride transistor (GaN transistor)



Gallium-nitride transistors (GaN-transistors) have a number of advantages and improved characteristics: high value of coefficient of runoff – more than 55%, low resistance in the open state, the wide working frequency range, high breakdown voltage, drain–source, smaller mass and overall dimensions in comparison with traditional, low energy consumption, etc.






Developed and launched serial production of modern domestic gallium-nitride transistors (GaN transistors).

The transistor is electronic component, semiconductor device, usually with three terminals capable of from small input to control a significant electric current output circuit that allows it to be used for amplification, generation, switching and conversion of electrical signals. Transistor is one of the main elements of the vast majority of electronic devices and integrated circuits.

Gallium-nitride transistor (GaN transistor) is designed for use in the field of radio – and power electronics, in particular in new systems of radar and equipment for 5G-networks.

They have a number of advantages and improved characteristics.



– low resistance in the open state,

wide operating frequency range,

– high value of coefficient of runoff – more than 55%

high breakdown voltage drain–source,

– smaller weight and size compared to traditional

decreased power consumption

– have a high value of specific power output

have a broad band matching,

– fully interchangeable with import analogues, which allows not to carry out additional settings in the equipment,

at the expense of their best characteristics lead to a significant reduction of the devices in which they are used, weight and dimensions

– will significantly improve the efficiency of equipment and systems that are used.