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Freeze-dried berries, fruits, vegetables and powders.



Freeze-dried berries, fruits, vegetables and powders is released from the water, but to preserve their nutrients and properties of products in powder or whole fruit of berries, fruits, vegetables or other food products.



Properties and benefits




Freeze-dried berries, fruits, vegetables and powders is sublimated products in powder or whole fruit from the berries (cherry, cowberry, crowberry, blueberry, BlackBerry, strawberry, cranberry, raspberry, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, currant, blueberry, etc.), fruits (apricots, pineapples, oranges, bananas, grapefruits, pears, figs, kiwi, lemons, tangerines, mango, papaya, peaches, plums, orange zest, prunes, apples, etc.), vegetables or other food products.

Sublimated means the product, freed from water, but to preserve its nutrients and properties.

The process of sublimation (lyophilization) occurs in a vacuum chamber. The products are quickly frozen to a temperature of from -1000C to -1900S, while the moisture is completely removed. When this sudden freezing liquid turns into tiny crystals and does not break the cell membrane. Then the molecules of water removed: water ice turns to vapor permanently. This technology allows you to save the form, color and smell of raw materials.


Properties and benefits:

– increase in product shelf life without loss of its beneficial properties,

100% environmentally friendly process. The removal of moisture from frozen raw materials occurs under vacuum, application in technological process of any other substances excluded

retains all the vitamins and minerals in the product

fully preserved not only the nutritional and biological value of the product, but also its structure, color, smell, taste, aroma and appearance (if the berries),

– berries when saturated with water restores the original form in 10-15 minutes

do not contain artificial colors and flavors, but very well painted any products, give them a fresh taste and aroma

– the ability to ensure year-round food and a varied diet

the possibility of obtaining natural food dyes for the food industry,

– the possibility of obtaining a natural food and useful components for cosmetology (masks, wraps, creams).



suitable for the development of the dietary table in a variety of diseases,

at home, in the household,

in various branches of food industry: production of candy, cakes, cereal, fruit tea, ice cream,

in cosmetics,

in catering to geologists, polar explorers, astronauts.


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