Floating solar panels

Floating solar panels.




Floating solar panels constitute solar panelsmounted on pontoons floating on the water surface and attached to the bottom of the reservoir (pond, lake, etc.). From solar panels to the waterfront leads cable, which transfers them from the electric current to the battery and the inverter.

Compared to terrestrial solar floating solar panels have some advantages. First, they don’t take up valuable Land that can be used for example for agriculture or other purposes. Secondly, the ease with which they can be assembled and installed in comparison with terrestrial options. Thirdly, as the sunlight heats the panel, the cooling effect of water can increase the conversion efficiency of light into electrical energy by 20%. Fourth, the installation of floating solar panels can reduce the algae bloom in the water.

However, floating solar panels have additional requirements. Floating solar panels have to withstand strong winds and waves and be resistant to corrosion.


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