Fish-breeding complexes of the industrial type Rzhev, Kaluga, Tomsk

Domestic fish-breeding complexes of the industrial type.



Modern fish-breeding complexes of the industrial type is represented by a series: incubation-melkovodnoye, commodity, caviar, Sadovyi, trout prudovyi open commodity co-riparian complexes with the elements of water recycling and pre-sale content.


Types of fish-breeding complexes

Incubation–melkovodnoye complexes

The advantages of incubation–melkovodnykh complexes

Commodity complexes

The benefits of commercial complexes

Caviar complexes

Cage complexes

The advantages of do complexes

Complexes of pre-sale content

Trout pond complex

Outdoor commodity pool complex with elements of water recycling

The advantages of open commodity basin complex, with elements of recycling water


Types of fish-breeding complexes:

Modern fish-breeding complexes of the industrial type is represented by a series:

incubation-melkovodnykh complexes

commercial complexes,

caviar complex

Sadovyi complexes

complexes of pre-sale content

trout prudovyi complexes

open commodity co-riparian complexes with elements of recycling water.


Incubation–melkovodnoye complexes:

Incubation–melkovodnoye fish complexes are used to produce fry of different fish species. Received fish seed can be used for their product systems, open farms, sold to other farmers and production in natural water bodies to restore aquatic biological resources.


The advantages of incubation–melkovodnykh complexes:

– getting additional profit from the sale of fry to other fish farmers,

control at all stages of incubation and rearing,

– reduction of terms of cultivation of marketable fish

– obtaining planting material several times a year,

– reduction of waste and the larger the planting material

– obtain healthy planting stock,

– the complex includes the incubation and fry rearing workshop, and workshop live feed,

– when the content of your broodstock, the complex is additionally equipped with workshop content producers, wintering unit (for the artificial hibernation), workshop for maintenance repair of the herd,

for small farms the opportunity to refuse the maintenance of brood–stock herds and to reduce costs for the purchase of planting stock.


Commodity complexes:

Commercial fish complexes are used for the cultivation of various fish species from the planting material to commercial sample and the implementation in commercial networks in live, chilled or processed.


The benefits of commercial complexes:

– the cultivation of marketable products in a shorter time by constantly maintaining the optimal temperature for fish growth,

– ability to increase the density of fish to save space of the complex system of water enrichment with pure oxygen and efficient filtration system,

– to reduce costs for the purchase of planting material, the complex can be equipped with incubation–mashkovym shop for growing planting material from fertilized eggs,

– for commercial complexes developed special production program is different for each species of farmed fish,

– production program and controlled growing conditions maximize the efficiency of cultivation of commodity fish and to reduce energy consumption per unit of production.


Caviar complex:

Caviar fish-breeding complexes are being developed for caviar production of sturgeon. Currently designed complexes of two types: to obtain caviar downhole and a lifetime way to obtain eggs, when females are used for several years. Method of obtaining downhole calf easier, but requires much more space for keeping different age groups of repair of the herd. In addition to receiving caviar, also produced a large number of sturgeon meat.

The method of intravital receipt of eggs without killing females, reduces the area of the complex. In this method, a small meat yield is only due to the culling of males in the formation of broodstock and waste females.

The complex can be full-cycle from obtaining their planting material or napolnitelem with the purchase of repair of juveniles and the subsequent formation of a broodstock.


Cage complexes:

Sea, lake and river fish cage complexes are intended for breeding marketable fish.


The advantages of do complexes:

cages made of plastic elements and pipes

– can be equipped with anti-slip decking

del tank the treated solution to prevent fouling,

– can be delivered as stand-alone cages and cages of a few lines,

– agriculture may include incubation–nursing, fingerling rearing complex with controlled temperature to obtain a viable juveniles and reducing the time of cultivation of marketable fish.


Complexes pre-reading:

Complexes of pre-sale pre-sale content used for keeping fish and other aquatic organisms in the backrooms, large chain stores or directly at retail. It is also possible the construction of specialized complexes for the keeping and distribution of products by retail chains. Now also uses the cold-water system with sea water for keeping live seafood (crabs, shellfish).


Trout pond complex:

Trout pond fish-breeding complex includes incubation–fry unit with variable temperature (on of technology of recycling of water) and an outdoor pool complex with elements of water recycling.

The object of the growing rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Growth time – 2 years (weight 3 kg).


Outdoor commodity pool complex with elements of water recycling:

The complex represents the system of open pools with once-through water from an open water source. To reduce the cost of water suggests a scheme with reuse of water (recirculation) after mechanical and biological purification, saturation with pure oxygen.

The system includes sewage treatment plants before discharge of water into the pond. The farm is equipped with equipment to reduce labor costs when working with fish (rebonato, raboservice, reboxetine).


The advantages of open commodity basin complex, with elements of recycling water:

– reuse water can be up to 50% per hour of the total flow rate,

due to the saturation of water with pure oxygen, density of landing of marketable fish can be increased up to 120 kg/m3,

– on the pools it is expected the construction easily erected canopies for protection from the sun’s rays and birds.