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Fiberglass tanks and reservoirs.



Fiberglass tanks do not corrode, have high strength, reliability, durability, chemical resistance.







GRP capacity (tank, reservoir) construction consists of a cylindrical part and two spherical or straight end caps.

For containers can be provided for all types of pumps, flanges and valves.



– fiberglass tanks do not corrode,

high strength, reliability and durability

– simple and easy installation. Mounting the tank is easy enough due to the fact that there is no need for additional concreting at the installation of fiberglass tanks in the ground, unlike containers made of polyethylene or polypropylene,

does not need replacement parts

– chemical resistance,

long life, the shelf life of such containers under the ground is at least 50 years

salt and paraffin are deposited, do not need bacteria

fiberglass tanks are resistant to atmospheric effects

– highly resistant to dynamic and thermal load,

fiberglass tanks to meet ecological and sanitary-hygienic characteristics

– light weight,

not required welding work

– no need for painting and the internal processing.



fuel capacity

fire capacity

storage tanks for water and other liquids. Used for gathering and storing domestic waste water, industrial water, industrial (construction, biological food) waste.

food. Used to store drinking water or other liquidsintended for human consumption, and bulk food products

chemically resistant containers. Designed for storage of corrosive liquids (chemical, radioactive, poisonous).