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Fiberglass reinforcement as cheap and environmentally friendly building material.



Fiberglass rebar 2 times cheaper than ordinary reinforcing steel, settlement area 2 times smaller than steel, the ultimate tensile strength is 3.5 times more than steel, weight is 9 times less than the steel reinforcement provides increased service life of structures by 2-3 times.




Fiberglass reinforcement is applied

Fiberglass reinforcement is not used

Table of conformity of physico-mechanical properties

Table is as durable replacement valves



Fiberglass reinforcement – composite reinforcement made from fiberglass, giving strength, and thermosetting resins acting as binders.



– fiberglass reinforcement is more than 2 times cheaper than conventional steel rebar (excluding savings on transportation and building costs)

cutting the fiberglass reinforcement is carried out by the clippers, bolt cutters or grinder,

– fiberglass reinforcement has a design area is 2 times smaller than steel,

the limit of the tensile strength is 3.5 times more than steel,

– weight is 9 times less than that of steel reinforcement,

reducing the cost of transport, loading and unloading, as well as facilitating the execution of the works on the construction site,

– application in the form of individual rods, and a reinforced grids and frameworks,

increase of service life of structures by 2-3 times,

– 100% environmental friendliness: no harmful and toxic substances

has a thermal conductivity 100 times lower than steel practically does not conduct heat, eliminating cold bridges

– resistance to low temperatures (from -70 to +100 degrees Celsius),

high corrosion resistance and durability, does not cause the destruction of concrete,

to apply enough to replace steel reinforcement for fiberglass of the same diameter, or 1 size smaller, without additional calculations or modifications of the project, for example, steel of diameter d10 for fiberglass diameter d8,

does not change the strength under the influence of electromagnetic fields

– uniform and high adhesion of the winding to the bearing of the valve stem,

significantly reduces the cost of capital repairs,

– has a coefficient of thermal expansion as concrete,

the modulus of elasticity is higher by 20% than the competition and is 61 000 MPa,

– the cost of fiberglass reinforcement in high characteristics one of the lowest in Russia

does not change its mechanical properties in aggressive environment under the influence of acids, alkalis and salts.




Fiberglass rebar is used:

– in foundations,

for concrete and hybrid concrete structures,

– for floors and slabs on the ground,

in structures in contact with sea water: coastal protection, embankments construction or road construction elements exposed to deicing agents,

– the repair of concrete structures exposed to aggressive environments (chloride, etc),

thin-walled structures for various purposes in cases where there is no possibility to provide regulatory requirements for the thickness of the protective layer,

– for reinforcement of masonry, especially in the winter when the mortar introduced antifreeze additive – chloride salt that will corrode steel reinforcement

in the construction of houses of permanent formwork,

– in sewers and structures below the zero level of occurrence for elimination of stray currents and electro-osmosis,

to improve the thermal performance of walls,

– in structures exposed to a constant thermal regime above 60°C and intermittent to 100°C

in the supporting structures of the pool, with wall thickness from 200mm,

– in the reinforcement of wood and laminated beams to increase the rigidity of the bending element (reduction of wood volume to 30%, saving up to 15% of the cost of the wood),

the agro-industrial facilities (poultry houses, pigsties, barns), because the valve does not contain a phenolic resin,

– on road construction sites (in the paintings of heavy traffic) as load-bearing reinforcement.


Does not apply:

In the construction of bearing designs of overlappings.


Table of conformity of physico-mechanical properties:

Steel rebar Fiberglass reinforcement (composite)
Ø8 ASP-6
Ø10 ASP-8
Ø12 ASP-8
Has ø 14-ø ASP-10
Ø16 ASP-12


Table is as durable replacement valves:

Reinforcement steel class A-III (A400C) Reinforcement fiberglass (composite)
Diameter, mm. The weight of 1 sq. m in kg. The number 1 subway in tn. Diameter, mm. The weight of 1 sq. m in kg. Number of meters in 1 ton.
Ø8 0,4 2 532 Ø6 0,040 25 000
Ø10 0,62 1 621 Ø7 0,062 16 129
Ø12 0,89 1 126 Ø8 0,080 12 500
Has ø 14-ø 1,21 826 Ø10 0,120 8 333
Ø16 1,58 633 Ø12 0,200 5 000
Ø18 2 500 Has ø 14-ø 0,280 3 571
Ø20 2,47 405 Ø16 0,340 2 941
Ø22 Of 2.98 336 Ø18 0,450 2 222


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