Famousity ultralight glider to buy the foam with his hands throwing a big RC flying

Famousity ultralight glider.



Famousity ultralight glider has a mass of less than 115 kilograms and two retractable turbojet engines, which are mainly used in order to get a flying machine into the air, and then are retracted into the fuselage of the glider. Further, the glider continues solo flight.



Famousity ultralight glider

Technical characteristics of the glider as-4-115



Glider or glider non-powered aircraft heavier than airthat is supported in flight due to the aerodynamic lift force generated on the wing RAM air.

Terms such as increased aerodynamic efficiency (the ratio of the distance that can fly the aircraft off the engine with some height, to the loss of this height) the airframe is much higher than other aircraft – planes and so on. for Example, in light aircraft, the figure is 10-15, gliders – from 30 and more. In other words, from a height of 1 kilometer light aircraft can fly at 10 to 15 km, and the plane – more than 30 km (if the glider will not use the ascending and the other air flows, and only plan).

If the glider will use the updrafts of air called “thermals” (thermal flows formed in the places of the Sun heating the earth’s surface), it can fly much farther. Such thermal streams usually are formed above the lands, roads and urban areas. Thermals can rise to 3000 m. Thanks to them, the glider can gain altitude, and then slowly decreasing to plan to the next upstream. Heat flows in the middle latitudes are formed from late spring to early fall. In the sky the thermals give Cumulus clouds. The flow of warm aircontaining moisture rises, interacts with cold air, causing the moisture condenseries and form Cumulus clouds.

In addition to thermals, there are other flows: flows of flow hills, steep cliffs rising up several hundred meters, and wave flows, which are formed in the flow of air streams and mountain ridges rise to altitudes of 10-15 km can also use the glider and fly for long distances.

Currently, the maximum distance covered in a glider is 3009 km, and the maximum height to which raised the glider is 18.5 km.

For takeoff, the glider is usually used or an aircraft of another type (usually a plane) or a special land glider winch. In some cases, the glider is equipped with jet engines.


Famousity ultra-light glider:

In Russia, created famousity ultralight glider (weighing less than 115 kilograms) with two retractable turbojet engines. Engines are mainly used in order to lift the aircraft into the air to a height of 3-4 km with a vertical speed of 8 meters per second, and then retracted into the fuselage of the glider. Further, the glider continues solo flight by planning for and able to perform aerobatics.

He famousity ultralight glider is a glider modernization of the Russian as-4-115 (its weight is reduced by more than 35 pounds, added two turbojet engine).

The uniqueness of this aircraft is that the weight of the aircraft at the Russian and international classifications does not require a pilot’s license and medical examination. The airframe is not subject to state registration. When flying you only need to follow the rules of using airspace.


Technical characteristics of the glider as-4-115:

Name of the parameter: Value:
Length, m 5,47
Height, m 1,15
Wing span, m 12,6
Wing area, m2 7,7
Elongation 20,5
Empty weight, kg 110-115
Flight weight, kg 195 265
Minimum speed, km/h 60 70
Speed maximum quality, km/h 95 110
The rate of descent at max. Quality, m/s 0,8 0,96
Assembly time two people, min. 5-10


Note: the description of technology in example of a modernized airframe as-4-115.

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