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Extruders and extrusion lines with manual and automatic control.



Food is obtained using the extruder, animal digest, 97 percent, in contrast to the traditional feed of cracked grain that is digested by only 30 percent.





Description of the extruder ES-1250 (Manual_S and Avto_S)

The overall benefits of the extruder ES-1250

The advantages of automated modification (ES-1250_Avto_S)

Specifications ES-1250_Avto_S



The extruders are designed for efficient production of animal feed from crops, waste grain and soy, with the addition of various additives (straw, husk, meat and bone meal, waste from slaughterhouses, etc.).

After processing in the extruder to obtain a quality food, even recycling the wet grain is unfit for storage, popoprivkey grain, waste grain with a high content of seeds of weeds.

Food is obtained using the extruder, animal digest, 97 percent, in contrast to the traditional feed of cracked grain that is digested by only 30 percent.



– high service life wear parts (parts to go to 3-5 times longer in comparison with most other manufacturers) through the use of high–alloy steels in conjunction with special methods of hardening. Get the hardness up to 62 units HRC Rockwell;

– the equipment can operate around the clock. For example, the inside of the bearing unit of the extruder is made after processing 350 tons of raw material, and not every day, like many other manufacturers;

– automatic control system. Minimization of human factor influence on the quality of the feed, the simplification of the operation on the extruder, reducing the number of personnel working on the equipment;

– ease of commissioning. Supplied tested and assembled extruders;

resource equipment for at least 10 years.



– production of combined fodder (animal feed);

extrusion of soybeans;

– production of fish food;

– the production of food for cats and dogs;

– processing of meat and bone meal;

– recycling Maseben;

– processing of non-liquid feed;

– processing of nelikvidov food.


Description of the extruder ES-1250 (Manual_S and Avto_S):

ES-1250_Manual_S manually operated screw feed raw materials. ES-1250_Avto_S automatic screw feed raw materials.

Both versions are available with side feed raw materials from the hopper directly into the working body of the extruder. This eliminates the difficulties that exist in the extruder with a filling of raw materials from the top into the receiving throat in extrusion of wet raw materials, and various complex mixtures. These extruders are successfully used for estrogenalone of biowaste, meat and bone minced meat, flour, wheat, barley, oats, waste, buckwheat, millet.



The overall benefits of the extruder ES-1250:

– high capacity (1050 – 1250 kg/hour).

– lateral screw feeding raw material from hopper directly to the working part;

– adjustable screw part. You can adjust the working clearances inside the working parts of the extruder. This allows for optimum adjustment of the extruder for each raw material;

stationary hydraulic puller housings and augers.


The advantages of automated modification (ES-1250_Avto_S):

automatic start and exit to operation mode. The extruder itself adds the necessary amount of water, gradually increases the flow of raw materials from the hopper by a special algorithm, displays the extruder in a working mode;

automatic stop and cleaning;

– maintaining maximum performance (control system regulates the flow, ensuring the best possible utilisation of the main drive);

– protection against overloads and stops;

– protection against operation without raw material;

– processing of dry raw materials, which in conventional extruders heavily processed or not processed;

control temperature as one of parameters to ensure the quality of raw materials;

– work in semi-automatic and automatic lines, data transmission to the control room.


Specifications ES-1250_Avto_S:

Features: Value:
Productivity, kg/hour 1050 – 1250
Power consumption, kW 114,0
The voltage, V 380
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) mm 2980х1650х1720
Weight 2320,00


Note: the description of technology in example of the extruder ES-1250.


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