Eternal battery with your hands how to make the buy price

Eternal battery, working in the isotope Nickel-63.



Develop a perpetual battery, working in the isotope Nickel-63, has a life of 50 years, small weight and size. It is safe both during use of the battery, and after the end of its service life for humans and for the environment.

Technology is in the process of development!


Description eternal batteries

The benefits of eternal batteries

The application of eternal batteries


Description eternal batteries:

The eternal battery is one of the names of the beta voltaic power source, capable of decades to generate electricity by converting energy of β-decay (the so-called beta-voltaic effect).

Beta-voltaic effect is analogous to the photoelectric effect, with the difference that the formation of electron-hole pairs in the semiconductor with p-n-transition occurs under the influence of β-particles (electrons), not light radiation. The process of obtaining energy in a battery similar to what happens inside solar, but the power source is a generator β particles embedded in the element. Getting radioactive material in the semiconductor, β-particles are electrons generate electrical current.

As the generator of a β particle can be used tritium, carbon-14 and Nickel-63.

The radioactive isotope Nickel-63 is a pure β-emitter (no associated harmful gamma radiation) and has a half life of 100 years. The nature of the Ni-63 does not occur, is obtained from the non-radioactive isotope Nickel-62 in a conventional nuclear reactor by neutron irradiation for two years.

Sorry, the content of the Nickel-62 Nickel in natural only 3.6%. Therefore, prior to exposure, the pre-enriched Nickel isotope Nickel-62 through gas centrifugation.

After two years of irradiation in a nuclear reactor with a Nickel isotope Nickel-63 is again enriched by gas centrifugation. Then it is ready for use as the generator of a β particle.

The only drawback eternal batteryrunning on Nickel-63, is their high cost caused by the complex technological chain of producing isotope Nickel-63.


The advantages of a perpetual battery:

– service life – 50 years

energy density of 130 W*h/g (400 times greater than Li-ion batteries),

– size and weight – is 50 times less than Li-ion batteries

power – microwatt – 10 milliwatts,

– compact batteries,

absolute safety during use of the battery, and after the end of its service life for humans and for the environment. The battery gives a soft β-radiation – the flow of electrons

– the uniqueness. The isotope Nickel-63 does not exist in nature. No country in the world, except Russia, possesses the whole complex of technologies enabling the production of such batteries in an industrial scale.


The application of eternal batteries:

pacemakers, defibrillators, neurostimulators, eye implants, ear implants, bionic prostheses,etc.

system monitoring the integrity of structures and pipelines, monitoring the condition of buildings and equipment, gas analyzers, identification labels,etc.

security sensors, sensors, access control, monitoring military personnel, listening devices,

the power supply system of electronic integrated systems, portable devices, etc.