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Equipment for ultrasonic cleaning of complex parts.



Equipment for ultrasonic cleaning of complex parts, assemblies and products from heavy technological and operational contaminants. Saving electricity and consumables. The cleaning quality is not depend on the level and volume of washing solution. Automatic tuning system if you change the level and temperature of washing solution and configuration details.



The advantages of the technology

Advantages of the equipment


Technical characteristics of the equipment

Examples of cleaning parts



Equipment for ultrasonic cleaning of complex parts, assemblies and products from heavy technological and operational contaminants including scales, salt and asphalt–resinous–paraffin deposits presented:

– versatile ultrasonic units,

specialized ultrasound units of any capacity and volume,

– ultrasonic complexes from any number of plants with different characteristics and functions

equipment for ultrasonic impregnation.

It is possible to manufacture the ultrasonic equipment for inclusion in existing processes.

Using this equipment is ultra high-clearance:

– complex products, devices and materials,

– precision products before application of special coating

– products, working in conditions of high purity.

Also the equipment is ultrasonic impregnation:

– insulation of electrical products

– for sealing porous cast materials.


Technology advantages:

– improving product quality and production safety,

efficient cleaning of parts of any configuration, weight and material

– energy saving and consumables

quality cleaning not depend on the level and scope cleaning solution,

adaptive system for dynamic control of ultrasonic field

– reuse of parts, products and raw materials

an exception to the purification of the fire and harmful chemicals

– removal of contamination in microscopic channels and cavities

– replacement of thermal, mechanical, chemical cleaning,

– reduction of labor costs.


Equipment advantages:

– manufacturer of ultrasound systems, from the optimal number of absolutely stable universal modules based on the required power

– the Autonomous power of each emitter from a private generator,

emitters are connected only acoustically, using cleaning solution,

generators housed in a separate rack and can operate in long mode without overheating,

– automatic tuning system when changing the level and temperature of washing solution and configuration details

– saving of water and detergents due to the possibility of changes in the level of the cleaning solution even during operation, depending on the volume of the parts to be cleaned,

– ensuring the movement of the cleaning solution (without mechanical impact) relative to the stationary workpieces and articles by a variety of algorithms,

– design installations exclude the influence of ultrasound on the staff,

– low power consumption,

– easy maintenance.



– oil and gas sector,

– aviation, space,

– energy, including nuclear and solar,

– marine and river fleet

– automobile, W.d. and special transport

high – tech production.


Technical characteristics of the equipment:

Features: Value:
Power consumption, kW from 0.2 to 12
The voltage, V


~For 230 V generators, 3~400 V for the heater
Operating frequency of ultrasound, kHz 33±7,5%, the impregnation – 22
Displacement, liters from 10 to 2500
The material of enclosure and items The housing and all parts of installations made of stainless steel


Examples of cleaning parts: