Equipment for laser welding, cutting, surfacing, engraving metal aluminium wood plywood fabric paper glass the pros and cons of the buy price

Domestic equipment for laser welding, cutting, fusing, engraving.



Equipment for laser welding, cutting, surfacing, engraving is highly efficient compared to traditional methods of welding, cutting, welding and engraving.




Examples of products




Equipment for laser welding, cutting, surfacing, engraving is intended, in particular, for the manufacture of new and repair of products, parts, molds, dies, castings, etc.



– equipment for laser welding provides possibility to weld different materials with thickness from several microns to tens of millimeters, using various mechanisms of penetration,

– a strong bond (weld) based on interatomic interaction,

– high-efficiency microwelding of thin wires of different materials: tungsten, Nickel, platinum–rhodium etc. Diameter of wire can be from 250 to 500 µm,

– eliminates cleaning procedure of the ends of the conductors from the insulation coating at the laser connection, as the laser radiation quickly removes the insulation in the affected area during the welding process,

– the repair of the defective vacuum cathode–ray tubes welding of internal parts is performed without opening of the device,

– the separation of practically any metals and alloys, regardless of their thermophysical properties

– the possibility of obtaining narrow cuts with minimal heat affected zone

– improving the quality and accuracy of manufacture of parts on a curved path due to the pulse–periodic mode of processing,

– the possibility of contactless processing, focusing into a spot of small size, control the spatial position of the holes, the selection of pulse duration when flashing holes

– replacement of manual method of making stencils for automated, controlled by a personal computer,

– reducing the time of manufacture stencils in dozens of times, reducing labor intensity,

– minimizing the amount of the melt and reducing the heat input into the material with the highest ratio of concentration of the welding energy source

– minimal heat affected zone, which does not exceed a few tens of microns,

– increase service life of parts due to the laser thermal strengthening,

– a superficial hardening of metals has no mechanical effort that gives you the ability to handle delicate design,

– a superficial hardening of metals no harmful emissions,

– in laser heat treatment of the tool is increased microhardness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the surface layer, improves the profile of the bearing surface,

– laser marking and engraving is achieved the miniaturization of the applied information, high precision and quality of the mark,

– using the fiber optic cable technological operations can be performed in hard to reach places

welding can be done manually using the fiber-like electrode during electric welding, without the use of an optical system for observation,

for precise pointing of radiation and visual control of the welding process to the output end of optical fiber may be attached to control the focusing optical system,


– the majority of technological operations with the use of equipment for laser welding, cutting, surfacing, engraving and automated is automated.


Examples of products:



laser pulsed welding,

laser pulse microwelding,

– pulsed laser cutting,

laser pulsed welding,

laser surface compaction,

– laser marking and engraving.