Electromagnetic stirrer of molten aluminum and other metals protection against sparks and splashes of the suit temperature arm water filling the form

Electromagnetic stirrer of molten aluminum and other metals.



Electromagnetic stirrer allows to increase the furnace productivity up to 25%. Mixing is performed in a contactless manner through a layer of lining and metal. Mounted on the outside of the furnace (on side or underneath).





Technical characteristics of EMF with side placement



Electromagnetic stirrer of molten metal is intended to improve the quality of products of metallurgical production and reduce energy consumption.


Complex EMFs (electromagnetic stirrer) mounted on the outside of the furnace (on the side or under the bottom) for stirring the molten metal (aluminum , etc.). Mixing of the metal is effected in a contactless manner through a layer of lining and metal.



– quick return (1 year),

– reduction of specific consumption of energy (fuel) to 15%,

– increase furnace productivity up to 25%,

– fast leveling at the temperature for 3-5 minutes

– reducing the formation of slag from 15% to 50%,

– maximizing quality and aluminium yield,

an electromagnetic stirrer has air cooling, small weight and dimensions,

– modular design (standard components),

an electromagnetic stirrer is designed to operate in difficult conditions (dust, temperature),

– the lack of physical contact with the melt and no moving parts

on–line diagnostics and work with trusted service partners of the customer

electromagnetic stirrer consumes 0.5 to 1.5 kWh / ton

– minimum maintenance

– significant reduction in the time of the actual dissolution of the additives.



EMFs (electromagnetic stirrer) with a bottom placement:

– if there is a possibility to place the stirrer under the furnace bottom,

– if you are using a single stirrer under two or more furnaces,

– when necessary the increased efficiency of homogenization of the melt,

– when it is necessary to use the inductor at small levels of melt in the bath,

– on the rotary mixer or furnace without lifting table (inductor is moved to the service area is in the raised condition of the mixer/oven),

– at the stationary mixer/furnace with a lifting table

– on the rotary mixer/furnace with a lifting table

– several static or rotating mixers/ovens with the movement of the inductor on a lifting table.

EMFs (electromagnetic stirrer) with side placement:

– if the design does not allow to establish a more effective EMF (electromagnetic stirrer) in a horizontal position under the bottom of the furnace,

– if during the operation of the furnace there was a need to improve efficiency or go for new alloys with high added value,

– if the geometry of the bath and the technology of preparation of the alloy requires the installation of EMP that is on the side of the furnace.


Technical characteristics of EMF with side placement:

Brand inductor (EMI) The size of the working gap, mm Installed power, kW Operating frequency, Hz Weight of coil, kg
LIM 220 50-220 20 3-15 650
LIM 380 200-380 25 1-3 1100
LIM 660 400-660 40 0,5–1,2 3900
LIM 1 000 500-1000 60 0,2–1 4800
LIM 500 350-500 30 0,5–1,5 3200
LIM 550 350-550 30 0,5–1,5 3200
LIM 750 500-750 50 0,3–1,2 4200