Electrocycle Grand velocipede (e-bike)

Electrocycle Grand powerful velocipede (e-bike).



Electrocycle Grand powerful velocipede (e-bike) provides quiet movement on a single battery charge is able to drive up to 220 km Has a relatively small weight.






Electrocycle Grand resembles a bike and has the characteristics of easy bike. Roomy frame electrocycle can accommodate a large number of Li-ion-different types of elements and to collect the power plant complex configuration. Possibly completing battery for specific tasks (traction, speed, distance).


Electrocycle Grand can be equipped with:

powerful motors (in-wheel motors) of 3 kW and above, which allows to reach a speed of 110 km/h,

wheel-drive system,

lateral and steering boxes for extra volume battery,

conversion system 12 V/24 V (for possibility of use as power supply for special equipment),

capsule fire extinguishing system,

heating the battery

system sound and light display,

anti-theft system.



delivering whisper-quiet movement

on a single charge of the batteries (supercapacitors) is capable of driving up to 220 km.

with the installation of additional batteries, the mileage increases to 370 km.

can become an indispensable transportation tool in patrolling and the protection of various objects, carrying out of special operations and the conduct of intelligence activities,

can be transported in the Luggage compartment of the car,

unsurpassed maneuverability on rough terrain – huge clearance plus suspension travel of 200 mm,

relatively light weight (55 to 65 kg) allows you to transfer electrocycle through insurmountable obstacles that in the case of ATV and powerful motorcycles, it is simply impossible).


Note: the description of technology in example of electrocycle Grand.