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Wire EDM machine, CNC.



EDM machine allows you to perform operations that are difficult or uneconomical to spend on other machines, as well as to produce parts with high precision machining of materials which are difficult to be processed by other tools.



The principle of operation

Description EDM machine АР4300

Advantages of the machine АР4300

Technical characteristics of the machine АР4300



EDM machine is designed for cutting parts of various shapes with high accuracy from different types of metal. While processing is important to material well-missed electricity, so you need to clean the surface of excess coatingwhich are not conductive. And to clean various roughness – sand the surface for best contact with the workpiece.




EDM machine does not require subsequent milling parts, since the processing does not occur deformation of the surface. Allows you to perform operations that are difficult or uneconomical to carry out other machinesand to produce parts from materials which are difficult to be processed by other tools.


Working principle:

Is the destruction of the component material under the influence of pulsed discharges, which appear when the approximation of the electrode with the workpiece. The remains after the destruction of the metal are removed by the working fluid.


Description EDM machine АР4300:

In AR machines used for processing molybdenum wire with reverse rewinding from one reel to another, that ensures 200 meters of wire is enough for 40 hours of work. Machines are equipped with pouring cooling system and have the ability to handle with the maximum angle of tilt ±6 degrees with a material thickness of 50 mm.


Advantages of the machine АР4300:

– ability to create program dialog processing, and visual modes, directly from the operator panel;

the software allows to conduct the whole process of making items from creation to processing. To create the part is used a special program “TurboCad”, which is an analogue of Autocad;

– high positioning accuracy and machining stability. The frame is made of high quality cast iron and has a special design. All machine axis are installed linear guide;

– input/output programs is possible through USB/LAN;

all elements of the enclosure meet European standards CE.


Technical characteristics of the machine АР4300:


The size of the table 1300х900 mm
The maximum size of the part 1300х900х500 mm
Maximum permissible load on the table 1500 kg
Tank size with the dielectric 1660х1100 mm


Working area:

Travel Of X/Y 1000х800 mm
Move U/V 36х36 mm
Move Z 450 (automatic) mm



Cutting speed >160 (steel) mm2/min
The maximum angle processing ±6°/50mm grad
The maximum thickness of the part 200 mm
The maximum roughness details ≤1,0 µm
Standard treatment options steel/copper/aluminum/ carbide
Maximum current handling 10 And
Wire diameter 0,12 – 0,20 mm



Positioning accuracy X ±0,002 mm
Positioning accuracy Y ±0,002 mm


CNC system:

Display 15″ color TFT LCD display
Keyboard and mouse 102 keys
Programming modes CAD/CAM/ISO
The number of programmable axes 4 (X,Y,Z,C)
The number of programmable axes MDI, USB, LAN


Dimensions and weight:

Dimensions (LxWxH) 2650х2360х2465 mm
Weight of the machine 4000 kg


Note: the description of technology on the example of the electric discharge machine АР4300.