Domestic operating systems and DBMS for PC smartphones PC

Reliable domestic operating system “Dawn”, “dawn” and modification.



Domestic operating systems for various purposes and submitted to the DBMS operating system “Dawn”, “dawn” and modifications, database “dawn”.



Operating system “Dawn”

A secure operating system Zarya

Operating system “Zarya RV”

Protected operating system “Zarya-DPC”

The database management system “dawn” (DBMS Zarya)



Domestic operating systems for different purposes and database systems are presented:

Rassvet, Zarya and modifications, database “dawn”.


Operating system “Dawn”:

Operating system “Dawn” (OS “Dawn”) is intended to create an operating environment for running applications on servers and working stations, built on a hardware platform x86_64 and work with the information for official use.

OS “the Dawn” provides the user with a text interface (command line) and graphical multi-window interface (the desktop and the Launchpad application). OS “Dawn” supports the mode of operation of the root.

OS “the Dawn” provides the ability to configure and access the network resources and support file systems (ext4, ntfs, tmpfs, iso9660, sysfs, nfs). In the OS “Dawn” consists of network services (DNS, DHCP, NTP).

OS “Dawn” provides:

support for modern hardware (at the operating system includes a set of updated drivers);

reliable operation of the system;

the complex of means of information protection (enforcement typing, discretionary access control, identification and authentication of users, registration, integrity and testing ksz).


A secure operating system Zarya:

A secure operating system Zarya (OS Zarya) designed to control the workstations, built with modern high-performance 64-bit architectural automated military systems in the protected execution, which consists of data centers or separate software and hardware complexes. Can be used for creating arm for various applications used for information processing having a security level not higher than “top secret”.

OS Zarya provides a platform for the execution of protected applications in a graphical environment, the most demanding to work with data on a hardware platform Intel x86_64. Office contains the tools and image processing tools and a secure web browser.

OS Zarya supports virtualization, providing the ability to run guest operating systems on a single physical server. While providing performance optimization of applications that were not initially optimized for modern multi-core processors and large amounts of memory. Their performance will be higher compared to a system without virtualization.


Operating system “Zarya RV”:

Software tool OS “Zarya RV” is a POSIX compliant operating system and is intended for use as the operating system for systems operating in real time on 32-bit hardware platforms: Intel x86, PowerPC, MIPS, ARM, DLX.

Scope OS “Zarya RV” are hardware-software complexesused in automated military systems.

OS “Zarya RV” – a configurable cross-platform operating system hard real-time. OS “Zarya RV” provides a high-performance, resilient operating environment for solving problems in real-time with guaranteed levels of reliability, availability and data security.

OS “Zarya RV” has a modular structure, protection of virtual memory pages, the ability to set different priorities for threads of different synchronization methods, different methods of memory management, the mechanism of nested interrupts, planning on the basis of flows and processes, managing process priorities. Also contains network, file and graphics subsystem, a set of utilities to configure and has compatibility libraries with the POSIX and OS kernel Linux.


Protected operating system “Zarya-data center”:

Protected operating system “Zarya-data center” is designed to manage modern server platforms based on high-performance computers 64-bit processor architecture in automated systems special purpose in a protected design.

OS “Zarya-data center” is applicable in data centers and software and hardware complexes. OS “Zarya-data center” can process information having a security level not higher than “top secret” and provides a secure, scalable, high-performance environment for functioning of the most demanding application speed and security of data processing on the following hardware platforms : x86_64, IBM POWER7, IBM System z.

OS “Zarya-data center” consolidates various back-end service part of a unified software and hardware platform that provides the functions of isolation of virtual environments.

OS “Zarya-data center” contains a set of clustering software required for the rapid deployment of clusters (data) high reliability and efficient load balancing that contains all the necessary basic services and toolsthat enable you to monitor the status of the cluster and to respond promptly to any issues that arise.


The database management system “dawn” (DBMS, “dawn”):

The database management system “dawn” (DBMS, “dawn”) is designed for processing and storage of information constituting a state secret with a secrecy level is not above “top secret”.

DBMS “dawn” works under control of operating systems “dawn” and OS “Zarya-DPC” on hardware platforms: x86-64, POWER7, IBM System z. DBMS based on the SQL language, conforming to ANSI SQL-92, SQL-99 and SQL-2003.

DBMS “dawn” can work in single and clustered mode. To build clusters DBMS supports data replication between databases that are hosted on multiple nodes of the cluster and included in server load balancing, which ensures the redistribution of requests between these nodes.

DBMS Zarya enables remote server administration, load balancing, and databases on the cluster nodes via Web and console interfaces. While the security of network communications provided by mandatory mechanisms of access control OS “Zarya” or OS “Zarya-datacenter”.

To interact with application software DBMS “dawn” includes JDBC and ODBC drivers.

Main features:

the maximum table size is 32 TB;

the maximum record size in the table is 1.6 TB;

the maximum size of a field in the record – 1 GB;

the number of columns in a table 250-1600 depending on column data types.

the supported architecture x86_64 Intel, POWER7, IBM System z;

the number of nodes in the cluster – up to 32;

the status for Intel architecture x86_64 – certificate of compliance 8 Department of the General staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation No. 1900 dated 24 April 2012.


Note: the description of technology on the example of operating systems Rassvet, Zarya and modifications DBMS “dawn”.