Domestic breakthrough technologies

Domestic advanced technology.


On this site we collect the domestic advanced technology.

What is this technology?

Domestic breakthrough technologies – these are the achievements of scientific-technical and other innovative ideas, projects, developments, prototypes, models, and different experience of past and present generations of scientists and practitioners, the implementation of which allows to solve tasks:

a multiplier (2 to 8 times) of the utility of cost-benefit in the social time budget of the society and its units;

multiple cuts (5 – 10) loss, useless and harmful expenses-results in the social time budget of the society and its units;

the introduction of the domestic advanced technologies with efficiency and a KED more units providing respectively a multiple increase of productivity, improvement of quality of products and services, multiple reduction in the cost of production of products and services to more than 10 times;

provision of ecological purity of production, use of products and disposal of waste;

compliance with the heat balance in nature, increasing the share of renewable and reduce the proportion of non-renewable energy and natural resources to respectively 62% and 38% in the first stage, the second to 100% and 0%, respectively;

qualitative increase production, comfort and humanization of life of all participants in social production,

increase in the first stage the average life expectancy of the population till 70 years, and then above;

ensure the fundamental growth of the welfare of all workers, socio-economic and political stability of developing and strengthening national security.

On the website domestic breakthrough technology presented in the form of real technologies, devices, equipment, materials, and so forth are sold.

You can order them today and tomorrow to use them.

Domestic breakthrough technology specially collected by us are regularly updated, and chosen for You in each sector of the economy. You can find them in the relevant sections and sub-menus (top) of the site.

We set the following requirements for breakthrough technologies:

1. The increase of labour productivity in 2 and more times.

2. 100% environmental friendliness.

3. The complete absence of harmful cost-results in the production and use of products and technologies.

4. Reduction when you use goods and technology losses and incur unnecessary costs-results in 2 and more times.

5. The increased cost results in 2 and more times.

6. 100% reproducible natural resources.

7. The payback period of the technologies is not more than 6 months.

8. The doubling time of investments is not more than 1 year.

Thus, all domestic breakthrough technologiescollected at the site have been carefully selected and enhance the well-being of every member of society: ordinary people, businesses and governments.