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Dome homes, allowing you to get the maximum amount of space.



Dome house provides a high level of efficiency: small area provides good heat dissipation and good ventilation system. With the help of dome homes is reducing operating costs by 60% compared to traditional houses, reducing heat loss by 30%, increase the effective area.


Dome houses and live on them

The benefits of using dome homes

Types of dome homes

The advantages and disadvantages of geodesic domes and dome strategicheskogo

The main stages and the technology of building dome homes

Domed houses company Toposfera

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Appearance and interior dome homes


Dome homes:

The dome house is called a house, which has a round base.

The roof in this house has the shape of a dome (cone). The walls are made of various materials such as wood, stone, concrete.

Dome houses were widespread among the Celtic peoples, Eskimos. Dome houses of the modern type was invented by the American designer Richard fuller.

The use of dome houses is relevant in the case where it is necessary to obtain the maximum amount of space, using the minimum amount of materials, which significantly reduce the weight of the structure.

Dome house suitable for residential houses, summer houses, winter houses, hotels, baths, dome, dome gazebo, dome greenhouses.

Dome homes are built typically on frame technology.


The benefits of using dome houses:

– originality of appearance,

construction of dome houses is not more than two months,

– the lack of walls and the possibility of free-plan

installation in different climate conditions,

– no requirements for the development of the Foundation. Design dome home is easy and the Foundation he needed a lightweight,

the cost of the device dome homes (construction and materials) is much (about 30-40%) is lower than normal,

– aerodynamic shape ensures high resistance to wind

resistance to earthquakes, since the dome composed of triangular and trapezoidal parts, the load is distributed evenly through the house,

dome home looks aesthetically pleasing and modern,

high level of energy efficiency: small area provides good heat dissipation and good ventilation system,

dome house has a low acoustic properties,

reduced operational costs by 60% compared with traditional,

– reduction of heat losses by 30%

increase the useful area,

– air is evenly distributed and circulates inside the dome

in the dome, no drafts. Thanks to the aerodynamic shape, the walls do not impede the flow of air and do not create zones with different pressure

– there are no walls inside the house,

precipitation is hardly accumulate or accumulate in small quantities?

– you can embed any number of Windows. This house will be bright,

free layout of rooms inside the house,

– the technology of building dome homes passed,

free internal layout and organization of space at home.


Types of dome homes:

There are two types of dome houses a geodesic dome and strategicheski dome.

A geodesic dome is divided into triangles (triangular cells) from which we collect a polyhedron dome. Going to a geodesic dome made of steel I-beams connected by means of connectors.

Strategicheski dome consists of sections Acme, rectangular and/or square shapes. Going strategicheski the dome of the beams, joists and struts, connected with locks, plates, etc. connecting elements.

This type of dome is the most common.


The advantages and disadvantages of geodesic domes:

a more robust design. In the destruction of 35% of the whole dome construction is not destroyed,

you can remove a few beams and insert Windows, doors,

Windows usually have a triangular shape

sheathed the outside after the dome has to be constructed fully.


The advantages and disadvantages of strategicheskogo dome:

– allows the use of Windows and doors standard design

less stable in comparison with the geodesic dome. The removal of elements of construction (such as migration or insert doors and Windows) affect the carrying capacity of the whole structure, and therefore requires recalculation of the bearing capacity of the whole structure and strengthening the surrounding beams and uprights

– no connectors, use other connecting elements (plates, locks,etc.)

sheathed the outside as the erection of a structure.


The main stages and the technology of building dome homes:

The construction of a dome house consists of two main steps.

The first phase includes a number of preparatory works (approval of the technical specifications, design, layout, etc.) and manufacture of basic elements of design, processing, labeling, disassembling and packaging of the items.


The picture shows the plan 1 and 2 floor dome houses Z12 of the company Toposfera.

As a rule, these works are made from the manufacturer.

The second phase of work on the dome house include:

– the construction of the Foundation;
– installation of communication systems.
– preparation of parts for Assembly;
– Assembly frame dome house;
– the covering dome of the house from the outside;
– installation of Windows and doors;
– work on the installation of the roof;
– thermal insulation work;
– the inner lining of the house;
– the installation of floor, walls and partitions in the premises;
– finish the inner part of the house;
– work on the communication.


Domed houses company Toposfera:

Domed houses company Toposfera have the following advantages:

– pre-planned to the last detail house project,

ready set the frame of the future house

– Assembly frame in a few days by any person. The house is going on the principle of design,

– on the roof used flexible basalt tile, which requires no maintenance for 50 years.

– mounting frame in any season

the ability to use any Windows: Dormer, vertical or just the glass in the opening,

– does not shrink. To finish the house you can begin immediately after the Assembly of the frame.


Note: the description of technology on the example of the domed houses company Toposfera. Photo and video provided by Toposfera.

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