Disposal of ammunition by microorganisms

Disposal of ammunition by microorganisms.



Disposal of ammunition by microorganisms is environmentally friendly, safe for the environment and human technology. It allows you 15 days to fully process the explosives in the safe a valuable intermediate product.







Disposal of ammunition containing TNT, RDX and “Maritime mix” (mixture of TNT, RDX and aluminium) in the world is produced by blasting. This method of disposal is harmful to the environment, uneconomic and energy-intensive and hazardous to personnel.

Developed ecologically safe technology of biological waste ammunition, excluding their demolition. This technology is based on the use of special bacteriathat metabolize TNT and hexagonoptera waste in the interim vzryvoobraznyj product.

From ammunition previously removed the fuse, then it is placed in a pool of microorganisms, where they for 15 days completely recyclable explosives in a safe compost. The latter in turn can be further processed into organic fertilizer, for example, by using vermiculture to vermicompost within 90 days.

Microorganisms are safe for the environment and do not multiply outside of the pool.



technology safe for the environment

safe for humans,

– human involvement is minimal,

receive as a waste of valuable intermediate product which can be further processed into organic fertilizers.



This biotechnology of recycling of ammunition has the following use options:

mobile complex utilization of non-transportable explosive objects

reclamation of land containing the remains of unexploded explosives.


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