Direct laser farming products from metal powders

Laser direct cultivation.




Direct laser farming products from metal powders allows you to create complex shapes by a predetermined 3D model.

This technology has a design feature that allows you to achieve partial melting of the powder while maintaining the high speeds of manufacture of the product. Using this method the product is formed from the powder supplied compressed gas-powder jet in the zone of cultivation, where gas-powder stream may be coaxial not coaxial focused laser beam, providing heating and partial melting of the powder and the heated substrate.

It is also possible the introduction of a mixture of powders that allows you to change the composition of the supplied powder in the course of the cultivation process, providing high-speed formation of products with graded properties. Thus, in one technological process makes possible the formation of products, characteristics of various parts which differ and are determined by local conditions.

The transition to direct laser technologies of cultivation will allow to eliminate from the process cycle intermediate operations such as milling, turning and drilling processing, to obtain high-quality surfaces. The decline in the number of technological operations in the manufacture of parts and structures of complex shape, substantially increase production efficiency with less material, energy and labor costs.