Diagnostics of roads using scanner “CONDOR”

Diagnostics of roads by using multi-channel scanner “CONDOR”.



Scanner “CONDOR” enables non-destructive continuous (without sampling) a diagnosis of the road surface in real time. Diagnostics of roads using scanner “CONDOR” is conducted on parameters such as density and compression ratio.







Currently, diagnostics of roads carried out only in the traditional way – by sampling (cores) at randomly selected locations of the road and their subsequent laboratory analysis. This method violates the integrity of the roadway and takes time. Scanner “CONDOR” allows continuous non-destructive diagnostics of road coverage in real-time.

Scanner road surface “CONDOR” is a x-ray densitometer on the basis of the x-ray generator, antenna with three antenna units, block collection, processing, storage and visualisation of data from a displacement sensor, sensor profile sensor positioning system GPS. Installation installation “CONDOR” possible on the trailer or car type of “pickup”.

Diagnostics of roads using scanner “CONDOR” is conducted on parameters such as density and compression ratio. Also , the installation reveals a zone of decompression of the upper layer of the road surface, measures the roughness of the road surface, ensures the accuracy of research results.

The device has no world analogues. The scanner is certified as a means of measurement.



control and diagnostics of roads in real time

non-destructive testing and diagnostics of the roadway,

– dynamic control of thickness and coefficient of consolidation of the layers of the roadway,

identify areas of moisture, voids, washouts, foreign inclusions, control the roughness of the road surface,

– georeference the results of the study

completely replaces manual labor for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of the roadway.



Features: Value:
The range of controlled density, kg/cubic m 2000-2700
The error of measurement, kg/cubic m 50
Probing depth, m to 3.5
Resolution depth, m 0,01-0,05
Travel speed, km/h up to 40
Performance, miles per working day 320
Temperature range, deg. Celsius -10 to +40


Note: the description of technology in example, scanner road surface “CONDOR”.