Coordinate measuring machine

Coordinate measuring machines “Lapikthe new generation.



Coordinate measuring machines “Lapik” represent the next generation of measuring machines with enhanced functionality and performance compared to the machines of the gantry type. Coordinate measuring machine carries out the measurement of a component of an expanded range of complexity in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic modes.


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Coordinate measuring machines “Lapik” represent the next generation of measuring machines with enhanced functionality and performance compared to the machines of the gantry type. Coordinate measuring machine measures the details of an expanded range of complexity in manual, semi and fully automatic modes.

Coordinate measuring machine has the original case, modelled in the form of an octahedron. The geometry of the octahedron provides stiffness of the frame coordinate measuring machines, 5 times the stiffness of traditional machine.

Design coordinate measuring machine provides six degrees of freedom of the working body, six simultaneously managed and coordinated axes of motion. Choice lectisternium designs has allowed much to reduce the weight of moving parts to increase performance. Of particular importance is the positioning accuracy of the tool, as the accumulation error for the sequential manual parts missing.

In addition, the coordinate measuring machine measuring system (kinematics) separated from the power that ensures long-term stability of the characteristics in the increase of accuracy of measurements.

Kinematics of the coordinate measuring machine is a parallel structure in the form of an inverted pyramid. At the base of the pyramid has spherical joints, which serve as reference points for the tracking system.

The tracking system consists of a transmitter and six laser interferometers with a resolution of the reference displacements 0.1 µm, determine the distance between the corresponding spherical hinge on the fixed frame and the element located on the carriage. The optical design of the coherent light emitter provides the division of the luminous flux from the laser into 6 equal channels; the light energy is transmitted from the source to the interferometers for 6 single-mode fiber optic lines. The carriage is moved with six of mechatronic actuators. Rod drives only work in tension-compression deformation of the bending is missing. Structurally, the laser interferometers separated from that of the actuators. This fact excludes the direct impact of deformations and loads in the drive servo system.

Software provides 3D visualization of the measurement process. Real-time monitor displays the movement of the coordinate measuring machine, the measured elements, the CAD model of the product. There is also the possibility of scaling the image representation elements in full/wireframe view. Displays details of measurement: collected points, graphs the deviations of the measured points. Coordinate measuring machine works CAD models in the formats generated by third-party design SOFTWARE. Coordinate measuring machine is equipped with an additional touch screen for quick and easy access to the main functions of the machine.


Available 3 kinds of six-axis coordinate measuring machines “Lapik”:

KIM-500N – KIM-1800Н – normal precision
KIM-500 – KIM-1400/3000 – increased accuracy
KIM-500C – KIM-1800С – high precision



– high performance measurement. A distinctive feature of coordinate measuring machines “Lapik” is-managed full six-dimensional motion of the probe, which without further calibrations, the basic and working surfaces of parts. The performance point measurement of the part reaches up to 8 t/h with the preservation of measurement accuracy and up to 200 t/h. when you are scanning. Compared to a gantry machine performance with precision measurement of the part is 0.5 t/h.,

the presence of additional to the capabilities of gantry machines feature six-dimensional “feeling” that allows you to produce:

measurement of internal cavities;
narrow curved channels and inclined holes;
scan complex shapes with a given contact angle;
control of small products (or fragments of large ones) with an error of 2-3 times less passport etc.,

– tocontrol small structures. Measuring force probe arm of the head in the current mode of touch is 0.0003 N. High sensitivity allows you to work with a probe radius of 20 microns, providing remote control and easily deformable parts, including fine-grained gear wheels (m > 0.2) and thread with fine pitch. The measurement is performed with the use of special sharp styli(needles) with small radius rounded tip. Precision control is achieved by providing a touch surface of the measured object in the specified working sector of the measuring tip. Work sector probe needle is determined during the calibration process. Work specified sector probe needle is possible only on a six-axis coordinate measuring machines, which ensure the required movements for calibration and measurement. Using this method of measurement are available for controlling the internal cavity of the parts having inlet openings with small diameters,

mthe profusion of equipment is the ability to move machines within the production depending on the technological needs. Structurally the machines laid down a two-stage system of protection against vibration, allowing use of the machine in workshop conditions without expensive aerostatic systems of vibration protection and significantly reduce the manufacturing costs of special foundations. Coordinate measuring machines only work from the mains, compressed air is not required

– reliability of equipment

long-term stability of precision. Built-in coordinate measuring machine system “self-calibration”, which is available only in cars “Lapik”, the passport retains the accuracy of more than 15 years of operation; maintains the accuracy of the outside heat stabilized areas. The system of “self-calibration” allows using a special dohereby the standard, to adjust the value of the constants that determine the precision of the machine when the current actual operating conditions of the machine. These results are considered software and therefore, after calibration restores the original accuracy of the machine, regardless of the wear and mechanical deformations. In addition, the calibration procedure enables to determine the deviation when changing external influences of temperature, pressure, humidity and prepare the machine to work in the real room temperature is in the range 12°C – 32°C. For comparison of gantry measuring machines, temperature range 18°C – 26°C

– ease eof use and management. The cameraman has the usual 6 degrees of freedom for movement of the body in space. The position of the carriage in each moment of time is described by three Cartesian coordinates X, Y, Z one of the points of the platform (called the working point) and the three rotation angles A, b, C of the carriage around these axes. The working point is always automatically set during calibration of the probe in the center. The operator can operate both in manual and automatic modes. In the car also implemented the self-training mode. Control coordinate measuring machine is the latest software. Standard network connection from the computer to the control system and the operating system provide ease of use and the ability to upgrade the user interface elements. Commands for moving the carriage can be supplied in ISO codes and special language. Provides communication with other systems via standard ASCII format, and supports formats of data exchange IGES and DXF.



Coordinate measuring machines “Lapik” produce a measurement of the following components and products: standard geometric elements (point, line, plane, circle, ellipse, cylinder, cone, sphere, torus), different types of body parts, wheels involute cylindrical gear module m >= 0,4, wheels of involute cylindrical gear module m < 0,4, bevel wheels with circular teeth of bevel wheels with straight teeth, premaratne splines, the splines of involute, Archimedian cylindrical worms, worm wheels for cylindrical worms, thread metric, thrust, resistant reinforced, trapezoidal and to order, metric thread with a step of 0.2 < P < 1 mm, cutter for worm gears, screws, nuts, ball screw gears, screws, nuts and rollers of roller-screw gear, turbine and compressor blades, impeller and impellers, etc.


Note: the description of technology in example coordinate measuring machines “Lapik”.