Composite materials with metal matrix

Composite materials with metal matrix.



Composite materials with a metal matrix is a composite matrix which is a metal or metal alloy. By the different combination of matrix and reinforcement components it is possible to obtain composite materials with a metal matrix with prescribed properties.


The metal matrix composites

Fiber composites

Dispersion-strengthened composites


The metal matrix composites:

Composite materials with a metal matrix is a composite matrix which is a metal or metal alloy.

The metal matrix composites parts reinforced by fibers (fibrous composites) and filled with the fine particles not soluble in the base metal (dispersion-strengthened composites).


Fiber composites:

As a matrix in fiber composites are often used non-ferrous metals: aluminium, magnesium, Nickel, titanium and their alloys, and a filler, and hardener of the composite are fiber. For aluminum and magnesium fibrous composites use fibers of boron, carbon, carbides of silicon, and the carbides, nitrides and oxides of refractory metals and high-strength steel. For reinforcement of titanium and its alloys are used molybdenum wire, fibers of sapphire, silicon carbide, boride titanium. For heat-resistant Nickel fiber composites use fibers of tungsten or molybdenum wire.

From ordinary alloys fiber composites have high strength characteristics and a reduced tendency to crack formation, high specific strength, high endurance, elasticity, reliability, rigidity, ability to be used at much higher temperatures, the impossibility of sudden destruction, etc. These properties are due to the properties of the used fibers. It is these fibers in fibrous composites bear the main burden.


Dispersion-strengthened composites:

Unlike fibrous compositesin dispersion-hardened composite materials the matrix is the main load bearing component, and the dispersed particles hinder dislocation motion, increasing yield strength and the strength of the material.

Dispersion-strengthened composites can be obtained based on the most used in engineering metals and alloys. High-strength dispersion-strengthened composite materials is achieved at a certain particle size and a certain distance between them.


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