Composite high pressure cylinders for compressed gas polymer gas buy ragasco price reviews 5 12.5 liters in Leroy Merlin high pressure

Composite high pressure cylinders for compressed gas.



Composite high pressure cylinders for compressed gas is made of carbon fiber (fiberglass) and epoxy resin. They are strong, reliable and durable.






Composite high pressure cylinders for compressed gas is made of carbon fiber (glass fiber) and epoxy. They are strong, reliable and durable.

The bulb itself is clear, but for convenience additionally it is placed in a casing made of plastic materials, which if necessary can be easily removed.

All composite cylinders equipped common safety devices of new generation – return valve, pressure and fusible insert. The first pits the excess uniformly expanding under the action of high temperature gas without affecting functionality of the product. The second is destroyed by extremely high temperature, thus releasing natural gas in a controlled manner. Cartridge has replaced conventional spring loaded fuses and, in contrast, is triggered is irreversible.

Composite gas cylinders are very easy to store. They can stack on top of each other, including piles.

Composite cylinder with working grills and cookers of all types. It can be used at home and in nature, be used for storage and for transportation fuel.

The market offers a wide range of sizes of composite cylinders. For example, most often for outings apply to tanks with capacity 15-20 litres, usually they weigh less than 7 kg.

Temperature range of -40 °C to +80 °C.



– reliability. The flask with the gas protected plastic housing. He when shot goes down in the first place and that it is subject in this case, the replacement, which does not require large expenditures of time and money

low weight. The mass of the cylinder is reduced several times compared with steel,

transparency. Levels fuel composite cylinder can be controlled not only with weights, but visually,

explosion and bezobolochnoe. Composite gas cylinder explosion even under the influence of fire and temperatures exceeding 100 °C,

– resistance to corrosion

attractive appearance,

– prevent the formation of sparks. The actual caveat for the use of liquefied natural gas is static electricity. It is formed due to various reasons and under certain conditions can become the reason of ignition of natural fuel. One of the necessary conditions of the occurrence of such a danger a spark in close proximity to the fuel. Multiple studies and field tests have shown that the material from which are made of modern composite cylinders, is not conducive to sparking and, therefore, such containers are absolutely safe against static electricity,

resistance to aggressive media,

– have a tenfold margin of safety (for steel cylinders of this stock is 3 – 5),

fatigue life up to 70,000 loading cycles,

– the factor of strength after cyclical testing – not less than 2,6,

working temperature range from 40 to + 80°

– durability, service life at least 30 years,

easy storage. They can be folded on each other, including stacks,

compatible with grills and cookers of all types,

wide selection range of sizes of composite cylinders.