CLT panels cross-glued timber

CLT panels.



CLT panels cross-glued wood lumber made from softwood and hardwood. The layers of wood laid at 90 degrees relative to each other and glued under pressure into a single array.



Properties and benefits




CLT panels are versatile material, used as large-sized wall elements, ceilings and roofs, can also be used in conjunction with other construction materials: concrete, brick, steel, glass, stone.

CLT panels (from the English Cross Laminated Timber – a cross-glued wood) are made from lumber of coniferous and deciduous breeds. Drying chambers to a moisture content of 12% the wood is stacked layers at 90 degrees relative to each other and glued under pressure into a single array. Technology cross-bonding saves the wood from its inherent weaknesses and allows for a new use of this material.


Properties and benefits:

– environmentally friendly, including the adhesive system, 100% natural material, complied with all health standards,

the durability, the service life of buildings made of CLT panels over 100 years

– fast Assembly of the model CLT domokomplekta possible in a few days

thermal insulation, natural low thermal conductivity and high heat capacity,

– temperature resistance, burning rate of the plate is 0.6 – 0.7 mm per minute at a temperature of 1200 degrees with a decrease of this indicator in the process of formation of the carbon protective layer during combustion,

no shrinkage, finishing possible immediately after construction,

– the availability, the cost of 1m2 of the wall of the CLT-panel starts from 900 rubles,

strength, can withstand enormous loads, maintaining the shape and size,

– versatility, are used for walls, floors, warm roofs,

compatibility with all types of interior and exterior decoration,

– 100% natural coniferous boards,

dimensional stability, nepronitsaemo, windproof walls and joints

– possibility of combination of interior and exterior walls without preparatory work

possibility of installation of curtain walls,

– the possibility of using cross-beam panels in the floors,

the possibility of building houses up to 10 floors and more

– high fire resistance

the possibility of implementing any architectural style

– high earthquake resistance (7-8 points),

low thermal conductivity (0,13 W/MK) and high specific thermal capacity (of 2.10 kJ/kg),

– high interior partitions, floors soundproofing,

the lack of dynamic vibrations in the floors (the trampoline effect),

is 6 times lighter than concrete,

dimensional stability and static strength in all directions

– reduced construction time 2 times

increased internal space by reducing the thickness of the walls (1/3 compared to concrete and glulam),

– easy handling during construction and a high level of prefabrication contributes to the rapid completion of the project,

able exterior and combination of CLT panels with any facing material (brick, stone, imitation logs, etc.) makes the technology versatile and adaptable to any architectural style, especially for Hi-Tech.



low-rise house building (any architectural form and design decisions),

construction mid-rise (3-10 floors),

multi-storey housing (20, 30, 40 or more floors),

construction of industrial buildings, including all building envelope , structural columns, including crane paths, all types of beams , floors, farms ,etc.

the construction of public buildings, shopping complexes, sports facilities, hotels, restaurants, multistory Parking,etc.

specialized and conventional warehouses, special-purpose facilities,

prefabricated construction projects (including ensuring victims of natural disasters),

the temporary use, with the possibility of dismantling and moving to a new place of use with minimal cost and losses,

construction of bridges, long-span crossings over highways, railroad tracks, wind turbines 100 metres or more,etc.

used as the columns under the crane way for the tasks of moving loads anywhere from 100 to 300 or more tons, with high dynamic loads,

complex architectural and historical construction projects that require precise execution of facade, interior and other works,

technical CLT-mats are used as bearing surfaces in places of use of equipment or execution of works, where the ground is hard enough as temporary road to access the construction site,

as a crane support pads

design: wall decors, light partitions, screens,

the furniture.


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