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Biogas plant for waste utilization in agriculture.



The biogas plant is a special machine which allows to recycle waste agriculture and food industry bio-fertilizer and bio-gas.


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The device of a biogas plant

The principle of operation of a biogas plant




The biogas plant is a special machine which allows to recycle waste agriculture and food industry in biological fertilizers and biological gas.

The use of such apparatus allows to quickly get rid of the manure of various species (including bird droppings), recycle plants (overwintered silage, tops food crops, etc.) and efficiently recycle organic wastes from slaughterhouses and poultry farms. Time of obtaining of biological waste and gasdepends on the density of the processed materials and their quantity.



– allows you to get waste from the production and agriculture, biogas, bio-fertilizer, electricity and heat, fuel for vehicles.

a vicious cycle

– continuous stand-alone operation,

protection of the environment.


The device of a biogas plant:

The biogas plant has a very simple design. Modern models of such systems are sufficiently automated, and require minimal supervision by the person. So the modern biogas plant consists of:

Transitional capacity, which gets raw materials at the beginning of processing for heating.
Mixers for pulverizing large particles of grass and manure.
The gas container (gas tank) that stores the produced gas is required to maintain inventory and system pressure.
Bioreactor, the most important part of a biogas plant where the fermentation of raw materials and manufactured gas.
Gas system, a set of pipes and hoses supply and discharge of the obtained gas.
Separators is sorted, recycled raw materials, solid and liquid fertilizers.
Pumps for pumping of raw materials and water.
Measuring and monitoring pressure in the reactor and the temperature of the heated fluid.
Cogeneration station, serves for the distribution of the resulting gas.
Emergency torch to vent excess gas from the reactor and the gas tank needed to maintain the set pressure.


The principle of operation of a biogas plant:

The basis of operation of a biogas plant based on the principles of fermentation, and additional components and assemblies are of auxiliary or Supervisory functions.

The work of the biogas plant takes place in 3 stages:

1. Delivery-products and waste in the installation. In that case, if the waste liquid should be delivered to the reactor using specialized pumps. More solid waste can be delivered to the reactor with a forklift or conveyor belt. In some cases it is advisable to heat the waste in order to increase the speed of fermentation and decomposition in the bioreactor. For heating the used waste transition tank in which processed products are brought to the desired temperature.

2. Processing in the reactor. After the transitional capacitytrained (and heated!) the waste to fall into the reactor. High-quality bioreactor is a sealed design, made from highly durable steel or concrete with special acid resistant coating. Without fail, the reactor must have an ideal gas and heat insulation. Even the slightest contact with air or decrease in temperature will result in stopping the process of fermentation and decay. Heating of the reactor is accomplished using tubes of hot water. The system is Autonomous. Heating the water produces biogas. The reactor operates without oxygen, in a completely closed environment. Several times a day, with a pump you can add a new portion of the processed substances. The optimum temperature of the reactor is about 40 OC. If the temperature is less then the fermentation process will slow down considerably. If you increase the temperature, there will be rapid evaporation of water that will not allow the waste to fully decompose. In order to speed up the fermentation process uses a special mixer. This device mixes the substance in the reactor after a certain period of time.

3. The output of the finished product. After a certain time (from several hours to several days) the first results of fermentation. This biogas and biological fertilizers. In the end, the resulting biogas enters the gas tank (storage tank of gas). The gas pressure in the tanks is controlled by valves. In case of excessive pressure will involve emergency burner, which will simply burn the excess gas, and thereby stabilize the pressure. The resulting biogas needs to be shrinkage. Only after that it can be used as conventional natural gas. It should be noted that in order to maintain operation of a biogas plant requires about 15% of gas produced. In turn, biological fertilizers go in a specially prepared tank with a separator. There is a separation on solid (vermicompost) and organic liquid fertilizer. Vermicompost is only about 5% of the total quantity of fertilizers. In fact, the fertilizer immediately can be used. Additional processing they require.

Working of a biogas plant continuous. To the reactor are constantly new portions of the processed material, and the gas tank and the separator tank is also constantly gets gas and biological fertilizer.