Autonomous hybrid power photo-wind

Nuclear power plant photos-wind power solar cells with improved performance.









Autonomous power station combines a vertical generator and solar cells, enhanced performance, and a set of batteries. With this design the power is supplied continuously, even at night in the absence of wind.

The design of the plant allows to install on one basis several generating modules. This gives you the opportunity to increase the capacity of electricity production without increasing the area used and minimize installation costs. Each module works Autonomous, which increases the reliability of the power plant as a whole.

Autonomous power station, due to the simplicity and ease of construction, can be mounted on the roof of the house or production, mast, pole, tower cellular, on a floating platform or barge. Low wind resistance enables the structure to withstand strong wind.




– power station works even at low wind: 1.5 m/s;

works flawlessly at temperatures from -60°C to +60°C, which allows to use it both in terms of the cold North and hot South;

– the design allows the power to avoid the buildup of snow and ice;

molecular drive significantly increases the service life of rechargeable batteries;

the plant is fully automated. For its operation does not require a wait staff;

solar panels high performance produce electricity in cloudy weather;

– does not require adjustment relative to the wind;

magnetic suspension and brushless generator provide quiet operation of the power plant;

– power plant is environmentally friendly and can be placed in close proximity to residential areas and water bodies.



in residential buildings low-rise buildings: country houses, villas, cottages, village houses. A standalone power station to supply power to several houses;

in apartment houses for the energy supply technical and common areas and elevators, and apartments;

in manufacturing and in agriculture;

on objects of special purpose, requiring power supply: hospitals, the emergency situations Ministry’s facilities, military parts; automated meteorological, radiolocation and aeronautical stations; beacons, Internet sites, and cellular towers;

in remote areas, far from power lines: nature reserves, game farms, tourism, fishing and geological reconnaissance bases.



power, kW
3 5 8 10
power, kW
4,8 8 10 14
batteries, Ah
200 200 200 200
Module size, m (diameter x height) 2.7 m x 1.7 m 5m x 1.7 m 5 x 3.5 6 x 4