Artificial brain-agrotreid for agricultural machinery

Artificial brain for turning the equipment on a standalone device.



Artificial brain-agrotreid C2-A2 allows you to turn any agricultural machine (harvester, tractor, sprayer, etc.) in the Autonomous working device.






Artificial brain-agrotreid C2-A2, equipped with kradam is a universal device for quick connection to a variety of vehicles for agricultural purposes (harvesters, tractors, sprayers, etc.), designed to transform agricultural machinery in the Autonomous working device.

Artificial brain-agrotreid C2-A2 provides agricultural machine:

– Autonomous movement on the edge of the plowed/not plowed

– Autonomous motion chamfered/not chamfered,

– Autonomous movement along the rows (form upsetting certain crops: corn, sunflower, soy,etc.)

– Autonomous movement by rollers (cut and folded in a number of agricultural culture),

– Autonomous u-shaped turns in the end of the field

– Autonomous unloading of the crop in the hopper or dump truck

– ability to work at night.



– the ability to move the “brain” from one machine to another, without ordering each time a new system

– the cost of the solution is less than three times in comparison with foreign analogues,

in the set of sensors does not need costly device

– all work with the calibration of the cameras is not more than one business day

– has a minimum number of chambers in comparison with foreign analogues.


Note: the description of technology in example artificial brain C2-A2.

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