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A supercomputer is a powerful ultra-fast computers with maximum efficiency and with the maximum amount of memory in conjunction with specialized software, and a network of computers that work in parallel to solve a specific task.




Communication network “Angara”

The power of the network “Angara”



Supercomputer – a network of computersthat work in parallel to solve a specific task.

Supercomputer (with eng. – “supercomputer”, swargam, supercomputers, serviceshotel) is a powerful ultra-fast computers with peak performance of over 10 MFLOPS (million floating-point operations per second) and with the maximum amount of RAM and disk memory in conjunction with specialized software.

Typically, modern supercomputers represent a large number of high-performance server computers, connected to each other via a local high-speed backbone for maximum performance in the approach to the parallelization of computing tasks.



processing large volumes of data

for solving problems, which uses a numerical simulation,

for defense purposes: calculations based on nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, nuclear reactors,



numerical forecast of weather,

computational biology and medicine,

computational chemistry,

physics of high energies,

computational gas dynamics and hydrodynamics,

computational linguistics,

material science: developing new materials with desired properties, the analysis of the distribution of dynamic loads in structures, simulation of crash tests when designing cars

as a server for the artificial neural networks,

the creation of fundamentally new ways of computing and information processing.


Communication network Angara:

Communication network “Hangar” allows using standard copper or optical cables to combine any computers with support for PCI Express, including the normal servers and normal working stationsin a powerful computing cluster. Communication latency between computational nodes is 0.85 µs.

“Angara” is able to combine into a single supercomputer network from several units to tens of thousands of computing machines. Angara is easy to set up. Can handle any trained user and not a system administrator.

Using the “Angara” is any company created its own powerful compute cluster and the center of processing and storing data.


The advantages of the network of Angara:

– significant reduction in the cost of computer systems and the high operating costs typical of supercomputers

computer network can consist of up to tens of thousands of computers,

– ability to create a supercomputer in the form of a network in any enterprise and scientific institution,

easy to setup,

– high availability.


Note: the description of technology by the example communication network of the “Angara”. © Photo