A rotary inclined furnace for non-ferrous metal

A rotary inclined furnace for non-ferrous metal.



A rotary inclined furnace is designed to provide a smelting process non-ferrous metal and its subsequent filling in forms. The shape of the drum of this oven promotes good heat transfer inside the furnace, which significantly increases the performance, speed of melting and reducing the consumption of salt. A rotary inclined furnace is designed taking into account the possibility of its transportation to the destination of the usual lengthy transport.







A rotary inclined furnace is designed to provide a process of melting colored metal and its subsequent filling in of forms in different types of production in areas with moderate climate (version U GOST 15150-69) with ambient temperatures from minus 20° C to plus 40° C.

The steel structure furnace shell is the structure of the drum is pear-shaped, which is mounted on the moving platform, with the possibility of lifting – lowering. The rear part of the drum is based on planetary gear and the front part of the belt on the roller bearings. Moving platform is a spatial welded metal construction consisting of longitudinal and transverse beams. Platform mounted rollers, the rotational drive of the drum from the gearbox with the motor. For lifting-lowering cylinders are driven on special brackets. Rotary melting furnace equipped with inclined supporting-rotary device with a hydraulic cylinder, open the lid, the melting of the drum with a turn of 120 degrees. Cover is made of the invoice design. The furnace is equipped with umbrella with a maximum flue insulating the spread of exhaust gases. The parasol and the duct can be manufactured with a tilting furnace or stationary. Drum furnace is made under the lining thickness of 300 mm.

The remote control makes it easy and convenient to control furnace gas burner, lifting and lowering the movable platform, the rotation of the drum, the opening of the closing lid of the drum. The control panel allows the rotation of the drum with a speed 1 to 6 rpm.

A rotary inclined furnace are made in versions 1 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 6,5 tons.

The yield of finished material is, if the raw material acts the aluminum Bank – 80-85%, oily chips 75-88%, scrap mixed 85-92%, dross reverberatory furnaces 35-45%.



– the furnace design learned the features of the process that provides the simplicity and reliability of operation and obtaining good economic results

the best form of drum. With a maximum load of kiln the drum kiln plays an important role for the effective distribution of heat and the principle of the location of the bearings,

– due to the large loading door and good heat transfer during one cycle is reduced. Accordingly, significantly increasing performance and significantly reducing consumption of salt,

high speed of melting is achieved due to the improved heat transfer in the drum kiln. This is mainly achieved due to the return of the combustion products inside the furnace. Due to the increased residence time, mixing of gases with particles is more intensive, which ensures excellent heat transfer

– short cycle times for blending, and discharging the metal salt is achieved due to the large loading door and control process of tilting drum furnace

reduced the amount of salt arises from the fact that the outer surface of the melt, relative to its total weight less than other furnaces,

– axis tilt swing frame is at the maximum level of discharge, which prevents the displacement of the drum when tilted during the discharge forwards or backwards. This provides a convenient drainage and reduces the loss of metal due to oxidation and splashing,

on the stove applied the method of combining electric motor with adjustable speed of frequency Converter, equipped with a gearbox with a constant transmission cycle and a clutch that delivers reliable performance at any speed of rotation,

– furnace control imposed on one remote,

design of furnaces designed to transport it to the destination the usual lengthy transport.



Features: Value:
CHP-3 RNP – 5 RNP -6,5
Useful volume of the bath furnace for molten aluminium alloy, not less, tn 3 5 6.5
Working drum volume, m3, not less 1,5 2,3 2,4
The type of PTO From motor
The frequency of rotation of the drum, rotation (reversible), rpm, not more 0-6
Productivity, t/hour (at a density of loaded material is not less than 0.3 t/m. cubic). 0,75 1,25 1.55
The speed of lifting-lowering of the drum, m/min 0,8
The mounting angle of the drum 15º
Overall dimensions without flue, mm, not more:length x width x height 4400 x 2400 x 3000 4700 x 2400 x 3100 4900 x 3500 x 3100
Weight, not more t 16 20 25
The deflection angle of the movable platform from the horizon, no more 35º
Injection gas burner type capacity MW (selected depending on the used fuel by the customer, the melting temperature of the metal) 0,8-1,4
The length of the torch burner, m 1,2-1,7
Consumption of natural gas for 1 hour, cubic meters depending on the power of the burner