A programming language for robots and equipment, Pascal from text

High-level programming language for industrial robots.



SOFTWARE – the programming language of high level, which allows you to combine different robots for the same task. Robots can form a standardized work cell from which it is possible to build adaptive production line.




Language programming SOFTWARE can be used



SOFTWARE – the programming language of high level, allowing to cooperate different robots in a single task. Allows you to implement concurrent execution of a group of robots several tasks and change a single robot between several tasks.

SOFTWARE is a universal programming language that gives you the opportunity to create freely moving robots. They, in turn, form the standardized production of the cell, from which you can build the adaptive production line.

Solutions to technological tasks implemented in rcml, will produce the same result for robots with identical functionality.

Environment SOFTWARE is a set of APIs for integration with other systems, including robots. Additionally, it may be expanded the functionality of the language by adding new functions.



– programmers can use and write generic programs, replace Executive devices, which does not affect the final result;

engineering companies can develop programs that implement one or another technological process without reference to a particular robot and to facilitate the realization of the compatibility of these programs with the new robot;

– reducing risks associated with dependence on specific hardware solutions, and cost reduction product migration companies to new robots with the necessary functionality;

software developers can create new, more complex and high-level functionality of the robots using low-level features described by the developers of robots;

– it is possible to expand the functionality of the actuators in the framework of their existing hardware capabilities. Thus the software developer does not need to buy the robot for testing result;

– easy integration of rcml systems, speech analysis, machine vision and mechanisms of the mapping space enables the rapid adaptation of these systems at all Executive devices with the necessary functionality

– robot manufacturers gain a competitive advantage due to the compatibility of the robot with all existing intellectual products also have compatibility with SOFTWARE and various solutions to technological problems described in rcml

– through the SOFTWARE of the robotic community can combine their work in one system and to interact with other robotic systems.


Language programming SOFTWARE can be used:

all industries which use “cellular” structure of production: aircraft and machine building, Metalworking, light industry;

manufacturers of programmable industrial equipment.


Note: the description of technology for example programming language SOFTWARE.