A porous material to extract the gold from the water

A porous material to extract the gold from the water.



Porous material Fe-BTC/PpPDA quickly remove the residual gold from the sea, fresh and waste water as well as precipitation and complex solutions. It adsorbs 934 mg of gold per 1 gram of its own weight.


Porous material Fe-BTC/PpPDA, extracting gold from water



Porous material Fe-BTC/PpPDA, extracting gold from water:

Scientists have created a porous material which is capable of quickly removing residual gold from marine, fresh and sewage waterand precipitation and complex solutions (including solutions used to leach gold from electronic waste). It is a composite material called Fe-BTC/PpPDA and consisting of a metal-organic framework structure (MOF) and the polymer structural units.

Due to the porous structure of the porous material Fe-BTC/PpPDA has a very large area of the inner surfacethat allows it to selectively adsorb the amount of goldalmost equal to his own weight. It adsorbs 934 mg of gold per 1 gram weight of the composite. This material adsorbs water only to gold, ignoring other metals and their compounds.

Material Fe-BTC/PpPDA extracts gold from a variety of complex solutions, from river, sea, sewage, etc. with high speed – just 2 (two) minutes.

After the extraction of gold from water with the porous material can easily be destroyed, leaving a gold purity of 23.9 Karat, 999 which roughly corresponds to the sample.

In the oceans , the concentration of gold is 5.0×10-9 % or 5 mg of gold per ton of water, but only sea water contains about 6 million tons of gold, which is much greater than gold mined in the entire history of mankind – ~ 190 thousand tons. In the volume such a mass of mined gold can be represented in the form of a cube with sides of 20 m. the Creation of porous material Fe-BTC/PpPDA opens new opportunities for the extraction of pure gold from open sources.


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