A fishing vessel of project PL-475 for longline fishing work jobs at sea on fishing vessels of the Russian marine fleet in Kamchatka Charter service crew equipment Sakhalin captains of the Soviet Union

A fishing vessel of project PL-475 for longline fishing.








Highly automated fishing vessel of project PL-475 is designed for longlining with the use of resource-saving methods and modern technologies of processing of fish, as well as the storage and transportation of products. The performance of the ship up to 500 tons per day. The production facilities are cod, haddock, halibut, catfish, snapper, other bottom fish species.

Its feature is that it emits no networkthat press and spoil a lot of fish, and throws a lump sum of 50 thousand special hooks.

A fishing vessel of project PL-475 – monohull single-screw vessel with a single turret in the middle part at the level of the bridge deck and is located aft of the engine room. The residential module is located on the upper deck. The vessel provides comfortable conditions for living and working of the crew.

The presence of the category of ice strengthenings Ice 2 according to the classification of RS permit independent navigation of the vessel in melchorita open pack ice with a thickness up to half a meter at a speed of 5 knots.

Class of Russian Maritime register of shipping KM Ice2 AUT1.



– use of modern resource-saving methods of fishing,

high economic efficiency.



Features: Value:
The length of the longest 47.5 m
Maximum width 12 m
Maximum draught 5 m
Speed 14.5 knots
The crew 20 people.
Cruising range 6000 miles
Autonomy for the supplies of provisions and fuel 45 days
Special equipment: device bottom of the sample layer,- automated long line for 50 000 hooks nivoche machine, freezer equipment capacity is 25-30 tons of fish per day cargo freezing hold 500 m3 temperature -30°C

the hold for bait approx. 75 m3 temperature -30°C

fish processing plant with machinery to extract the cheeks, the reeds, the production of minced meat, the selection of the liver and calf, with the device for packaging, marking, weighing and accounting of finished products.



Note: the description of technology by the example of fishing vessel of project PL-475 Leningrad shipyard “Pella”.