5-axis machining centers

5-axis machining centers for machining complex surfaces and body parts in a single setup.



Description 5-axis machining centers:

For a variety of tasks 5-axis machining centers are equipped with spindle nodes of different capacities, from the standard version with ISO40 cone to a high-speed version with HSK and power of execution with taper ISO50.



– one piece bed is made of high quality cast iron which ensures high rigidity;

control of all 5 axes occurs simultaneously; the three coordinates of translational motion in X, Y, Z and two tilt-and-turn – A and C;

bilateral rigid fixation of the table;

moving swivel and tilt table, controls of the engine with high torque;

– 5-axis machining centers have a large work area that allows you to handle bulky items weighing up to 1000 kg;

high-precision ball screw accuracy class C3 double nut ensure high rigidity and precision;

– spindle taper ISO40 or HSK-A63;

the spindle speed up to 24000 rpm/min;

– high power spindle drive – 25/35 kW.




Technical specifications model MS-5Х1200:

Diameter of rotary table 1150 mm
Maximum permissible load on the table 2000 kg
T-slots 7х150 EA./mm
Spindle taper ISO50/HSK-A100
Ranges of spindle speed (direct drive) 8000 rpm
Working area
Moving along the X-axis 1100 mm
Moving along the Y-axis 1370+380 mm
The Z-axis travel 800 mm
The angle of rotation of axis A ±120 grad
The rotation axis ±360° grad
Accelerated movement X, Y, Z 48 m/min
The maximum speed of the axis And 26 rpm
The maximum speed of the axis With 50 rpm
Acceleration X, Y, Z 4 m2/s
Positioning accuracy ±0,004 mm
Repeatability ±0,002 mm
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (LxWxH) 6810х4250х4380 mm
Weight of the machine 26 000 kg


Note: the description of technology a model of MS-5Х1200